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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are You Ready For This?

I got this email from a friend yesterday who knows that I’m going through some stuff. She always knows what to say and again, she didn’t fail. I thought it inspiring enough to share. May we have the heart to respond.

I am going to urge you (ok, more like beg you) to join me in being brave.

Keep your sensitive heart intact but otherwise be ballsy, made of
titanium, fear nothing.

Join me in living life at the highest level.

We have to do this. There is no other way to help our great nation
regain its firm footing.

You can cry, you can eat wheat once in a while, you can wish for all
sort of things, but I want you to wake up knowing you are strong and
loving and that no one will stand in our way.

Are you ready for this?

I hope so.


My response to her is a whole-heart, I am ready. Today is a new day to be strong and loving. Today is a new day to forgive and have heart and to rejoice. Today is a new day to right the wrongs, to open our hearts and respond to our callings, and be fearless in spite of or because of the fearful.

I woke up today wanting to be strong, loving and fearless. One day, in the very near future, I will be.


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