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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why I Love This

Why I love this:

  1. It's Eco-friendly: The US and Canada seem to be the only countries where we use energy to dry our clothes.  Just doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint.
  2. The Ocean:  I could hear the ocean when I was hanging my clothes.  It makes doing laundry, the worst of all chores next to washing dishes, far more soothing.
  3. OCD:  I can exercise my OCD by hanging my clothes in length order so as to create a strong visual image and create linear depth. Plus it looks organized, thus making my heart sing.
  4. Shades of Gray:  Obviously, I wear a lot of black and it's varying shades, also know as "gray." Q.E.D.
  5. Smells Like Fresh: There is nothing else quite like it; like how the wind smells in a field or something equally as cliche. 
Here's hopin' a seagull doesn't do a flyby crap on my favorite dress...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ebb and Flow

There is a trail about an hour's drive from the house that leads to where the Jervis Inlet meets the Sechlet Inlet creating world class white water rapids.  It's called the Skookumchuck Narrows where you can find rapids over 6 feet high and the current raging at over 30 mph. These rapids are similar to that of river rapids except caused by the dramatic change in tide that rushes some 200 billion gallon of water into the area at it's peak. Some say it is the fast tidal rapids in the world, fast than Norway's Saltstraumen.  I say it's one of the most spectacular sights created by nature. 

It's been over 10 years since I was last here and today's tidal change was rated "XL" peaking at 7:08 pm so I thought it perfect timing to revisit.   Doused head to toe in mosquito repellent, I set off solo only quickly to become accompanied by an unaccompanied canine, wet and eager for companionship.  Dog and I walked along and as he'd trot up ahead he'd stop, wait for me until I caught up.  This continued for a ways until I began to worry that it's rightful owners might actually be looking for him. I tried to shoo him away but when shoo-ing calls were mistaken as invitations to play, I cleverly hid in the bushes like a crazy person until dog gave up searching for his new friend and headed back.

The trail was easier than I remember it being wide, clear, flat, rich in green moss hanging from the canopy.  Ferns grew abundantly along the edges and the spring foliage was in full bloom. On the way to the rapids, you pass Brown Lake, which is in fact, not brown. It's not long before you reach the Skookumchuck rapids which is not misnomered: Skookum meaning "strong" or "powerful", and "chuck" means water.  

After reaching the rapids I was surprised to find myself the only spectator out today. I climbed out on the barnacle encrusted rocks, crouching for a while to watch the waves increase in height, speed, crashing into each other and over onto themselves.  Perhaps a regular camera would have been more successful at capturing this, but alas the camera phone will have to suffice.

As I watched my mind wandered to the analogous ebb and flow of the the rapids to the ebb and flow of life.  It is easy to draw the parallels to life when watching the rapids, the flow of water crash into itself, watching currents collide, the glass smooth wave flow before turbulently crashing into an oncoming wave only to be absorbed and erupt.  All the while, when watching from a far, it is all very chaotically beautiful and beyond human control.  Beyond chaos, it is rhythmic, predictable, patterned and ceaseless. 

These last few days, and probably weeks, have been an exercise in solitude. It's been an exercise in searching and definition of identity.  It's been an exercise lined with introspection, loneliness, acceptance, sadness, change and growth. Perhaps, this is the ebb in life, here things drift away, moving away making space for new waters to occupy a vacant space.  Perhaps this is the flow where the next stage is moving in, creeping closer to shore. I'm not quiet sure. When I step back, remove myself from my situation and station I see how, rhythmically and predicable like the tides the rising of the sun, the waxing and waning of the moon, the changing of the season, that this season is although seemingly unplanned, completely necessary to participate in the fullness and breadth that is the experiences of life.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Double Whammy...Wait, Make it a Triple

Today I was running late for my facial clocking a good click across the Aurora Bridge.  In fact, a Seattle police officer instructed me that he had clocked me going 54 mph. Well, that's sure helpful of him wasn't it?  But I wasn't going to argue with him and I have a firm policy that I only engage in arguments I 1.) know I will win and 2.) even I know you don't argue with a police officer. But in my defense the reason I was going 54 over the bridge was to pass grandpa and semi-truck going the speed limit, and rightfully so, but who goes 40 mph over that bridge? So running late for my monthly facial turned into completely missing it. And, guys, did you know you can get a ticket for not having a current insurance card?  I'm fully insured but mine just expired and my new card is sitting conveniently at home in my stack of mail (I'm pretty sure). So that's two tickets in one stop. I've NEVER HAD A TICKET IN MY LIFE AND NOW I GET TWO IN ONE STOP?!? Double whammy. 

So thanks SPD for popping my speeding ticket cherry, it was bound to happen. At the risk of sounding completely vain and high maintenance, it is more regretful that I missed my facial. 

Oh and I got my LSAT score.  Make it a triple whammy day.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I need this shirt:

Top 10

  1. Does anyone else think that it's funny that Justin from Shit My Dad Says (Twitter) only follows one person: Levar Burton. Moreover, I'm pretty sure the Dalai Lama doesn't do his own tweets. 
  2. Why do people who drive a Prius or Mini Cooper infuriate me the most?  Buy an effing real car.  Mini Cooper drivers: Want a British car and drive like the Brits, move to effing London. Plus, if you're going to buy German anyway, buy a Volkswagen.  Prius Owners: Want an "environmentally friendly" form of transportation?  Use biodiesel or walk.  Better gas mileage does not translate to "environmentally friendly." Fact. However, I do love that Nancy Botwin drives a Prius.  That's just brilliant.  
  3. I'm going to go ahead and give How To Train Your Dragon, Mad Men Season 3 and Weeds all two thumbs up and 5 stars.  Just stellar.  
  4. I'm house sitting at a house the has an Xbox, PS3, Wii, Netflicks Instant Queue and a enormous HD television.  Slumber party anyone?  
  5. Empire Falls took me 300 pages to get into but the last 200 were probably some of the best American fiction I have ever read.  I've never cried reading a novel (remember how I'm cold and heartless) but there were moments where he took my breath away and made my heart ache.  My only caveat is that Russo uses "batshit" as a noun which I argue is an adverb. But all research points to that it could be used as both. Trickery, I say.  
  6. I watered the lawn in high heels yesterday.  Not my most practical moment of the day....
  7. A drug dealing, Prius-driving, iced latte drinking, Mexican drug king loving, short shorts wearing, single mother of 3 is my hero. For real.  
  8. Yesterday for the first time in 6 days I put make up on, wore a bra and did my hair. Threw on the high heels just for an extra level of hotness.  You're welcome. 
  9. Two friends brought by a mouth-watering chocolate cake (kladdkaka in it's native Swedish) with a note that had Phillippians 4:8 written on it.  I can't argue with either.  
  10. Sometimes you just need permission to let go.  Last night he let go of his fight with lung cancer, took his last breath in his sleep and joined his wife who he lost not too long ago to the same fight.  He will be missed. Our family will miss your friendship, quiet smile, Tuesday breakfasts and a pinnacle partner.  Peace be with you.  
Bonus 11. Coupling validated one of five rules. Rule 2 to be specific.  

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Vacation Looks Like

1.) Auntie Nadine
2.) We read.
3.) We basked in the sun.
4.) We watched the sun set and the moon rise.
5.) The best view from an outdoor shower you'll ever see.
6.) Gelato. 2 scopes, every day.  Check.
7.) Woke up to Auntie Nadine's Blueberry Orange Scones fresh from the oven. 
8.) Played with our food.  Then executed, boiled, dismembered and then ate it.
9.) Went for hikes and climbed trees.
10.) Found Heaven on Earth.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm just going to go ahead and eat my way through West Seattle.

Also, Alki Bakery. Check.

In conjunction with my increased baked goods consumption, I've also been running along Alki.  Look what I spied:


and this:

West Seattle, I heart you.

Now I'm off for a few days vacation from this exhausting unemployed business.  Ciao.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


My love affair with Seattle continues. It certainly doesn't have to try too hard.  Just whip up some sunshine, a ferry ride, some friends and an ice cream cone and I'm smitten. I am nothing but easy to please.

What's not to love?

Friday, June 11, 2010


Rarely am I an impulsive buyer but today I was feeling particularly carefree and eager to act on a whim.  I just couldn't help myself.  

These are my favorites of today's bounty:


and best of all

This just won the Pulitzer which is an astounding accomplishment given that it is a authorial debut novel published  by the independent NFP house Bellevue Literary Press

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Little Rain Never Slowed Us Down

Outside the small town of Granite Falls, along the Mountain Loop Highway, Heather Lake trail offers a moderate hike to one of the most spectacular treasures hidden in Mt. Baker's national forest.  But, because it's Seattle, and if you ever waited for the rain to stop, you'd never go hiking.  So, in the midst of a torrential downpour, CT and I headed out to Heather Lake, a moderate 4 mile out and back hike.  After traversing rivers, slipping on rocks, wading through creeks that that were suppose to be trails, we finally made it to Heather Lake that evokes pure admiration of majesty and beauty.  The rain stopped for a moment to capture just a glimpse of blue sky and the sun shone down on us just long enough to sing Here Comes the Sun, Good Day Sunshine, Sunshine on my Shoulders, My Girl (I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day), and Ain't No Sunshine. Now CT can actually sing (he has is eyes set on The New School in NYC) so it was really me more just listening and having my heart stolen one note at a time.

I just got a few pics as I was trying to prevent the camera from sustaining permanent water damage, but as always, pictures never do natural beauty justice.  It's like they say, "Some of the best memories are captured through a series of shitty pictures." (My paraphrase.)

Some people hike in boots.  Some people hike in dress shoes.  nbd.

We talked a lot about a variety of topics and answered some of the most peculiar questions I've ever been asked, such as:  What are your thoughts on the idea of man vs. nature? (Insert long diatribe.) Do you ever feel so excited you are giddy? (Yes, all the time.) Have you ever thought about the parallels between nature and the choreography of modern dance? (Nope, no I haven't) What are some of your favorite things to eat? (Where do I start?) What are some of your favorite acrobatic moves? (I literally laughed out loud...What? I have not idea what that even means.) 

Quote of the Day goes to CT: "I used to do a lot of really gross things with pepperoni....(we both laugh uncontrollably)...I should probably clarify." He clarified. 

After the hike, drying ourselves off as best we could, we stopped at Omega Pizza and Pasta for salads and veggie pizza accompanied by a conversation about small town economics and sustainability and contemporary feminism and the conversations that should be happening versus the conversations that are being had. (Especially in light of this comment at the 1:10 mark that makes even my general calm demeanor go apecuss).  Good food, good conversation, finally a dry place to sit.  

Can't wait until August when we have a tentative (and by "tentative" I mean, "if he remembers") baking date  that I'm sure will involve inappropriate footware, kneading dough, awkward in depth/insightful questions and delicious baked goods.   

Moral of the Story:  Unemployment does not suck.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Books?

+ This website makes my heart leap, is a feast for the eyes and leaves me wanting more.  I think they call it love.

+ Today I sat out on the deck in the sun and read for a couple hours.  Pure bliss.

+ Most of June and July I'll be traveling and way from home. One thing for sure: Books are like my Amex, I never leave home without one (or 4).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I think I just agreed to move... Texas.

PB:  I told myself if nothing is seriously improving for me in LA within the next year, Dallas it is
Me:  OK, I'll say the same thing
 PB: Ok! Yes! PACT!

UT - Austin is on my list.....
And I do love me some, that is.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

While I Should Be Studying

While I should be studying, I'm having this ridiculous conversation with PB. Remember, she lives in LA.

PB: Heres what I am looking for: tall, half-Asian (ish) Southern gentleman, funny, witty, smart, family-oriented, honest, ambitious, sense of style, athletic, masculine but with an appreciation for the finer things in life...who loves every ounce of my being. so let me know if you know of anyone...
Me: Can you maybe narrow it down to a top 3 characteristics? 
PB:  Oh and preferably with a last name that goes with mine, and towads the beginning of the alphabet bc I wouldnt want our kids to always be last for everything
Me: You're ridiculous
(My bold for emphasis.)

PB: Go for a hike, make out, do your thing...
Me:  I wish I even knew what my thing was!

PB: Well nothing can top me living in the hollywood hills with a british rockstar druggie stylist in his 60s, a man in a van, J and an actor in the guest house
Me: Nope, probably not.

PB:  Oh great, porn producer friend from Facebook is messaging

PB: I, however, would never have 2 dates in a row with the words 'cabin' and 'hike' but that is where we differ (Sidenote for clarification: these are not dates, these are hangouts.)
Me: haha, nope, no you wouldn't. Nor would I ever go on a date with a guy to his 'audition' and 'photoshoot'

PB: Yeah he hollered at me when I was walking out of a club. We stopped and chatted bc sometimes u just do that
Me: totes

Well, back to this Reading Comprehension bullcuss.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just A Few Things

Name Calling: 
In one day I was called a "slutbag" and an "old lady."  I'm not going to say which I found more offensive but I did appreciate the word "slutbag."  Gosh, I have classy friends.

Most Recent Thoughts About The Gym:
Ladies, you do not need to do your hair before you exercise.  Make up is even less necessary.
Old men who come to Zumba, I heart you and your arrhythmic sweet dance moves.
Buff dudes checking themselves out in the mirror, you walk a fine line between being total eye candy and complete dbags. When you wear a wife-beater and your flat billed hat twisted to the side, you cross that line. Just fyi.
Creepy Guy who watched my pilates class, Yes, we can see you.

Friday Night Lights is Brilliant
Mike Leach, Former Head Football Coach for Texas Tech made a brief cameo as a stranger at a gas station in last week's Friday Night Lights.  Why this is brilliant:  1.) Coach Leach rambles on about pirates when in real life he actually has a quirky infatuation with (that he revealed on 60 Minutes last year) and 2.) He ask for directions to Lubbock, which is obviously where Texas Tech is located.  Brilliant, FNL, Brilliant.  Oh, and Tim Riggins is, ya

I broke down and will now be thinking is 140 character thoughts and posting for my 3 followers.   It is certain that I will not be as self-censoring as I am on FB and the bloggosphere and that I will be updating several times a day.  I got stuff to say. Stay tuned!  

Hypothetically Speaking Of Course

Via Text Message:

A: Amazing.  Get ready to Thoreau yourself.
Me: Perfect: Introverts love the Thoreauvian lifestyle.
A:  I have heard as much. Being an unbelievably extroverted extrovert I have little experience with this. Descartes would be pissed....
Me:  He's probably rolling over in his grave but Siddartha is giving you a high five. So it's a trade off
A: Let's be real. If it's between Descartes' respect and Siddartha's high-five, Descartes can suck it.
Me: I concur. But if I could get a thumbs up from Gandhi, I'd be pretty stoked.
A: That's be huge.  Or a wink from Mother Theresa!

I also wouldn't mind a fist pump from Jesus.