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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just A Few Things

Name Calling: 
In one day I was called a "slutbag" and an "old lady."  I'm not going to say which I found more offensive but I did appreciate the word "slutbag."  Gosh, I have classy friends.

Most Recent Thoughts About The Gym:
Ladies, you do not need to do your hair before you exercise.  Make up is even less necessary.
Old men who come to Zumba, I heart you and your arrhythmic sweet dance moves.
Buff dudes checking themselves out in the mirror, you walk a fine line between being total eye candy and complete dbags. When you wear a wife-beater and your flat billed hat twisted to the side, you cross that line. Just fyi.
Creepy Guy who watched my pilates class, Yes, we can see you.

Friday Night Lights is Brilliant
Mike Leach, Former Head Football Coach for Texas Tech made a brief cameo as a stranger at a gas station in last week's Friday Night Lights.  Why this is brilliant:  1.) Coach Leach rambles on about pirates when in real life he actually has a quirky infatuation with (that he revealed on 60 Minutes last year) and 2.) He ask for directions to Lubbock, which is obviously where Texas Tech is located.  Brilliant, FNL, Brilliant.  Oh, and Tim Riggins is, ya

I broke down and will now be thinking is 140 character thoughts and posting for my 3 followers.   It is certain that I will not be as self-censoring as I am on FB and the bloggosphere and that I will be updating several times a day.  I got stuff to say. Stay tuned!  


Molly B said...

Love your thoughts about the Gym - can totally relate!

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