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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prop Me Up Against a Jukebox

I've spent most of the last week in the hospital or rehab center when not at work.   You know, just for funsies....

But for reals, mom took a good fall last weekend.  Such a good fall that she broke her ankle and wrist both required emergency surgery complete with pins and plates. She also has a sprain (and possibly a bone chipped off) in her other wrist, a sprained neck now causing blinding headaches, multiple bruises and lacerations.  She's done a good number on herself this time.

Mom not being the pinnacle of health in general, a fall like this is very dangerous and challenging to recover from. She moved to a rehab facility a few days ago and well likely be there for 4 - 6 weeks.  Dad has been a trooper and we've rotated keeping company and taking care of mom.  Which really boils down to both of us having spent A LOT of time with her.

Having all this time in hospitals/rehab facilities has been a very rude awakening.  And it oddly enough comes on the heels of  a conversation with a friend of mine and we were talking about where we think our lives might head and if there will be kids involved.  He mentioned that he had this fear that he'd be at the end of his life and no one would visit him, because he wouldn't have any kids or grandkids.  I thought that was an interesting perspective because I've never pictured myself coming to an end at the hospital. Not that I picture me dying a lot, but I just presumed it would be either a blaze of glory, something completely bizarre and situational, or quietly at home in bed.  Maybe because I've never known anyone who died in a hospital, and to me, I see them as places where people go to get fixed and then sent on their way home.

Either way, here is my request:  please don't let me die in a hospital or nursing home. I'll do my part by staying as healthy as possible but when it is my time prop me up against a jukebox, lay me out in some grassy meadow, roll me into an ocean, please do anything but let me die in hospital or nursing home.  

And thanks everyone for the well wishes, kind thoughts and prayers.  It matters more than you know.

Mark this as my most morbid post in history.  Sorry 'bout that.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Morning Glory

If there is something that surprises me most about the most recent version of me is that I've become a morning person.  I'm up by 8 am on the weekend and usually at 6 am during the week.  And when I'm up at that hour I am quite delighted to roll out of bed, put on my sneakers and head outside for my morning exercise.  Whether it be boot camp, a run or just a stroll, it's one of my favorite parts of my life. Growing up I remember thinking not only would I never be one of those people, I hated those people.  So perky and peppy I could just punch them in their smiley faces. 

This Sunday's run I put on the new sneaks and hit the route.  I sometimes accidentally bring my debit card and accidentally stop to get a hot beverage and a slice of squash harvest bread (from Macrina which is certainly more caloric than what I just burn but it's so good I really don't care) that I enjoy on my "cool down".  It's my favorite accident of the day.

What I love about this part of my day is that while seemingly routine I see something different or differently every time.  A new detail of a house, a different cloud cover over the city, different foliage as the seasons change, different people and pets. I notice my body moves differently, the hard parts become easier, and the rhythm of the movement is hypnotizing  It's that difference that keeps me engaged, the difference that shows life keeps going and thus I should too. Life changes, people change, and how one can see both of those things changes.  My morning routine reminds me of such and gives fuel to the promise of hope, forgiveness, new beginnings and potential in the future.   

On a Steel Horse I Ride

Some may say I'm a speed junkie, but I really prefer speed "enthusiast".  So when my new friend MB said he'd take me on a ride, I could.not.wait.  

Early Monday morning rolled around, and I was so ready. Soooo ready. He has all the gear to keep me safe so we hopped on and took off! 

We stopped at Uptown Cafe in W. Seattle for warm beverages and pumpkin bread.  It was just enough to pep us up and then hit the road again. 

Of course, I've got some thoughts on the matter:

  • It was fast....sort of. 70 mph doesn't feel like that fast on a bike.  It really doesn' just makes you want to go faster.  Yes, the "need for speed" is a real thing. 
  • It's liberating - no distractions, just the open road.  Because it was early enough, we crossed I-90 going 70 mph through the express lane tunnel and we were the only motor the whole way.  It felt surreal, nearly out of body.  The tunnel lights blurred together into a line and I squeezed just a little tighter.  For a moment, all the exhausting and confusing thoughts that occupied my mind over the last week disappeared, if only for the moment.  
  • It's an introvert dream activity. There's no talking but there is someone there who you have entrusted your safety with. Your mind wanders and there's no obligation to talk.  I needed the distraction and it was perfect. He'd hold my hand to his chest, rub my legs to try to warm them up, keep checking in that I was ok. It was just enough.  Give the situation, I've, paradoxically, never felt more safe. 
  • Let's just mention the obvious, straddling a dreamboat over some horsepower isn't horrible. In fact it's the opposite of that. 
  • And while, I am less than a picture of grace getting on or off the bike...but when I'm on....I'm totally frigging hot ;)

Let's just say, plans are already made for next weekend....and this time there is suppose to be sun. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Trip Preppin'

Someone's been shopping....not going to name names but someone has a trip to Italy to dress for which became a very convenient and frequent justification.  Just a few of the highlights:

and then some more....

Friday, May 17, 2013

Upward Trending

Couple of quick bits:
All of the following are true. 

1. The Opposite of Cost Savings:

I got the dreaded raising-of-the-rent letter.  Upon receipt, I of course freak the frick out.  Now, let’s be clear, the rent was raised 5%, and not unmanageable or would I argue even unfair. Some of my utilities are covered in my rent and the city costs are raising and they of course pass those increases onto the renter.  Totally get it and it's fine. 

Of course my first line of thought was how can I possibly save money to cover this increase the thought process went something like:

I could stop driving to work (+$90 +$60 transportation incentive work gives if you don't drive)
I could give up my mani/pedis (+$60) 


I could buy a house. 

See how I made that logical justification from saving $150 dollars a month to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on something I don’t actually want. That makes sense. 

So, once my colleagues scoffed at even the idea of being less high maintenance I decided I'm not moving, or giving up my mani/pedis.  So walking to work regularly it is!  

2. Upward Trending to Fabulous

a. For whatever reason I'm feeling a need for some change. I'm on the upward trending path to feeling, and thus being, fabulous.  So I shopped.  New clothes are always empowering.  Especially the ones that a snug enough to show you're a woman but remind everyone you're a lady.  I added some of those pieces to the wardrobe. 

b. I also chopped my hair off. A new hair cut always put an extra bounce in my step. I get it colored next weekend!  Eeeek!

c. I got fake eyelashes which are....well...just fabulous.  I look that hottie straight in the face, make serious eye contact and bat those lashes so sweetly only to render him powerless.  Now if only I didn't sweat so profusely when we talked, that would be great.......

d. I got new shades because shades make you mysterious and fabulous.

So fabulous-in-progress is how I would classify current state of affairs. 
And that's pretty great.

3.  Remember how I have a registry?  Well, that has proved supremely helpful in light of a couple challenging days I had recently.  I've hopped right on the internets and did a little retail therapy. I picked a few books that I've been hankering to get my hands on for years.  When they arrived a few days later is was like 2 therapy session for the price of one!  Now that's a bargain! 

Add a good book to a sunny spring day and you've got a match made in heaven.

4.  I booked a 3 week vacation to southern Italy.  I leave in a month. More to come on that but I'm so excited I could jump out of my skin.  


Spring is probably my least favorite of the season, mainly by process of elimination.  So sometimes on really beautiful spring days I feel bad it ranks the lowest on my list. Recently, Seattle has been giving spring its fair chance and pulling out all the stops.


I try to remember these days when I look at my window after doing my hair and realize it was all in vain; for rain is the kryptonite to my artificial curls.

Speaking of Seattle:  Seattlites will appreciate this tumblr.

Other People's Kids

Let's get caught up on kids.  Not mine, don't be ridiculous.  

Very dear friends of mine a had a that is.  Twins in fact. TWINS!  Good Lord. 

One boy, one girl.  Both perfect. I held CS at less than 12 hours old and there's something so incredible about human life.  There really aren't words to describe the miracle that is human life, so I just held and stared.  So fragile, new, and promising.  Big hopes for these ones. I've yet to hold HS (she's a little bit more vocal and I like to hold the sleeping ones) but there's plenty of time for that.  

The little neph had surgery that went super well so he’s back at it…being an awesome two year old.  Look at him being all grown up. They are coming up for a visit in July/August which I am stoked about.  July cannot come soon enough!

Northward Bound

Life has been pretty stellar so let's get caught up!

I went up and visited the Aunt and Uncle for the first time since they’ve been home from Desert Hot Springs.  We had just a delightful time as always.  I spent time at my happy place, ate great food, sat and read in front of the fireplace, went thrifting, and of course got caught up on sleep.  I’m REAL glad they are back in driving distance.

Srgt. Bay. This is the best happy place. 

"You could have written this book" - Auntie N.  Then she bought it for me. She knows me so well. 

This is how I feel every time I go visit.  No matter how nuts I feel, I'm always welcome with them.  And sometimes when you feel nuts, just knowing you have somewhere and someones, makes all the difference in managing the nuttiness. 

We strolled art galleries. 

Went to a house concert.  Apparently those are a thing in Canada. A very cool thing.

Summer is right around the corner and I'm already scheming how to get up more.