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Friday, May 17, 2013

Upward Trending

Couple of quick bits:
All of the following are true. 

1. The Opposite of Cost Savings:

I got the dreaded raising-of-the-rent letter.  Upon receipt, I of course freak the frick out.  Now, let’s be clear, the rent was raised 5%, and not unmanageable or would I argue even unfair. Some of my utilities are covered in my rent and the city costs are raising and they of course pass those increases onto the renter.  Totally get it and it's fine. 

Of course my first line of thought was how can I possibly save money to cover this increase the thought process went something like:

I could stop driving to work (+$90 +$60 transportation incentive work gives if you don't drive)
I could give up my mani/pedis (+$60) 


I could buy a house. 

See how I made that logical justification from saving $150 dollars a month to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on something I don’t actually want. That makes sense. 

So, once my colleagues scoffed at even the idea of being less high maintenance I decided I'm not moving, or giving up my mani/pedis.  So walking to work regularly it is!  

2. Upward Trending to Fabulous

a. For whatever reason I'm feeling a need for some change. I'm on the upward trending path to feeling, and thus being, fabulous.  So I shopped.  New clothes are always empowering.  Especially the ones that a snug enough to show you're a woman but remind everyone you're a lady.  I added some of those pieces to the wardrobe. 

b. I also chopped my hair off. A new hair cut always put an extra bounce in my step. I get it colored next weekend!  Eeeek!

c. I got fake eyelashes which are....well...just fabulous.  I look that hottie straight in the face, make serious eye contact and bat those lashes so sweetly only to render him powerless.  Now if only I didn't sweat so profusely when we talked, that would be great.......

d. I got new shades because shades make you mysterious and fabulous.

So fabulous-in-progress is how I would classify current state of affairs. 
And that's pretty great.

3.  Remember how I have a registry?  Well, that has proved supremely helpful in light of a couple challenging days I had recently.  I've hopped right on the internets and did a little retail therapy. I picked a few books that I've been hankering to get my hands on for years.  When they arrived a few days later is was like 2 therapy session for the price of one!  Now that's a bargain! 

Add a good book to a sunny spring day and you've got a match made in heaven.

4.  I booked a 3 week vacation to southern Italy.  I leave in a month. More to come on that but I'm so excited I could jump out of my skin.  


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