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Sunday, February 26, 2012


I am a regular watcher of the Ellen Show via TheEllenChannel on YouTube.  My favorite segments are her celeb Hidden Camera and when she scares people. I stay up far too late watching these clips, laughing out loud with tears rolling down my cheeks while gasping for air. It's almost a full body work out.  It's the best.

Recently, the YouTube sensations Sophia Grace and Rosie, have been regular guest on the shows.  These adorable girls from Britain have personalities are fitting to their voices. Catch up, you'll see what I mean.

I've been watching these girls looking at the really chatty one and thinking she totally reminds me of someone, at least in appearance. For the life of me I couldn't figure out who. 

Until today. It dawned on me.

This is Sophia Grace:

And this is her doppelganger:

ME (circa 1985)!

Can you see it?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Multiple Choice: Pop Quiz

Question the first: Can we think a hair style that would make a person with a large head look larger?

a.) yes, a top side-pony
b.) yes, anything that happened in the 80s
c.) yes, a perm
d.) yes, anything that happens in Texas
e.) all of the above but particularly when you combine b, c, and d

Question the second: Who rocked a good top side-pony circa 1982-1992ish?

a.) this girl.
b.) oh, you know you did too so whatevs.
c.) i'm a dude and rocked the quivalent of a rat tail and/or mullet.

If you chose any letter for either question you are correct.

Complex 3,687

You want to know why I have a complex about my cheeks? Well, let me show you.

Check those bad boys out: 

Those aren't just baby cheeks. Those are squirrel-storing-up-for-winter/stuffed-with-marshmellow/blowfish cheeks. Fact.

Signed, chubbster mcchubby cheeks.

Confucius Say:

I never eat fortune cookies.
Just not my thing and no judgement to those who do. 
But for funsies tonight, I thought I'd go for it and had not one but TWO.

I couldn't even make this up if I tried:

Yep. Get the message.




Monday, February 20, 2012

This weekend

Every once and a while you have a weekend that is not awesome.  It happens.

This weekend happened to be one of those less than awesome weekends.

 Here's why:

Spent $160 dollars on groceries and home products. 
And a hula hoop.  (<------very excited about that; that part is awesome)

I gave myself food poisoning and in the course of 18 hours I lost 3 lbs. My appetite is still subpar but this history of fainting really requires me to keep my blood sugar up so I'm forcing myself to eat. 

I got a ticket from the Federal Way Police Department Photo Enhancement for a red light I blew threw.  Only cost me $124.00.  Not awesome.

And to cap off a less than awesome weekend, I'm working on a holiday.

Up from here folks….only up from here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Keep Your Chin Up

I've worked as an assistant in a variety of settings for over 10 years. From the mean streets of new york city, to the misogynistic psychopathic accountants to my current non-descript location, I've done a lot.    I like to think that my collective experience has made me pretty good at my job.  Recently, I've been feeling fairly spread thin as I am supporting my team (who I love and adore) that is currently, and has been, without a deputy director for going on 5 months, which adds its own level of complications. It's like all decisions are made by committee which adds several layers of diplomacy and multi-perspective decision making, which is not efficient, trust me. Additionally, I've taken on the Director of our TB team which is like starting the job all over again with new players, new acronyms, new strategies, new science, new priorities to learn, and team members around the world increasing complications.  Oh and it's strategy review season with TWO new presidents on board.  It's a lot. So much so that I can feel things slipping and the hyper-self-critical and overly-sensitive overachieving perfectionist (classic Virgo...gets you every time) in me tends to rear its ugly head more easily. 
All of that is to say:

Today I received an email from an assistant in a partner organization that absolutely shook me to the core.  It was rude, unprofessional and completely uncalled for. It was regarding how I was doing my job of which this woman has no insight or perspective on.  Another woman cc'ed on the email called me within 60 seconds of receipt in complete horror and shock and apologizing for how I was being treated by this third person.  She was ready at my defense which soothed the sting a little and placated the anxiety attack creeping up.  

Upon receiving the email, I read the email several times just to make sure I was reading it correctly and that my reaction wasn't misinformed. I was completely beside myself that my first reaction was to respond back with scathing and absolutely venomous force. This I know how to do and don't find it to be one of my better qualities. And I wanted to respond so badly. Badder than bad (but with better grammar than that). However, better judgement, and a lunch date I was already VERY late for, stopped me. 

While at lunched I decided wasn't going to respond.  Ever. I was going to chalk it up to her having a bad day.  I was going to let it go that I was just a casualty of her circumstances and perspective.  So this is me, on the high-road....the longest hardest highroad walk I've taken in quite sometime. Real hard.  

Tomorrow we head into all day meetings with the government of Canada and Canadian health ministries to discuss strategy and pipeline for HIV vaccine efforts in collaboration with Canada and their potential capacity and capabilities.  Meanwhile we'll also be hosting our second largest TB grantee for 2 days and still trying to do my day job getting my team to 3 different places around the world.  I'm so tired after the first of 3 14 hr work days this week (I suspect). And right now, my biggest worry is my head hitting the table in mid-nod off and leaving an unsightly bruise across the forehead.

In the meantime, I shall keep repeating:

PS. This is also to say that if we have encounters where I seem a little less pleasant/stable/friendly/hilarious as usual, just note it is likely because I'm being held together by a very fine thread of grace and fear of totally falling apart at any moment.  You've been warned.

NYC --> SEA (The BFF)

The BFF came to town to do healing touch workshop and made her trip an extra day longer to spend some quality time with me.  Seattle pulled out all the stops with sunshine and 60 degree FEBRUARY.  It was nothing short of spectacular.

When the BFF is in town she is still in NYC operation which means we are non-stop.  I however am fully entrentched in Seattle speed which is a slight step up from saunter.  That combination made for a quicker tempo day for me but a more relaxing one perhaps for the BFF.

Here's how to run a saunteering Seattlite ragged in 12 hours:

Walk around Queen Anne
Breakfast at 5 Spot
More walking around Queen Anne
Drive out to Mt Si
Hike Little Si, which ps. is is not little.  Also, super blow-you-over-off-the-side-of-a-mountain-scary windy.
Talk to every person on the trail (I didn't mind the cute ones, especially that cute blonde with the accent...should has gotten his number)
Stop at gas station for snacks, buy foreign films from the "previously viewed" stack and witness strange things
Drive back to Seattle
Walk to Grocery store
Grocery shop
Discover Safeway was out of bottle openers so search for bottle opener ensues and is resolved at Bartell's
Make dinner from scratch - Turkey and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers (my own tweaked recipe that was delish!)
Lay down to watch said foreign film
I fall promptly asleep because I.just.don'
Peel self off floor and crawl into bed.
Sleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (at the seemingly much later hour of 9:00 pm)


That was just the first day.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it again. I think the fact that we are chattering, laughing, shouting, debating, conversing, thinking, questioning, exploring all while doing this expends our energy even more, at least for the quiet, reclusive introvert like myself.  But, I'll speak for the both of us, we have a great time and I think made the most out of her visit.  We managed to fit in a killer dinner at Tilikum Cafe (my new favorite Seattle restaurant) and Chipotle (a staple in our friendship).

Here's a few terrible snapshots of the visit:.

"I do have great skin."
Followed by, "Your hair gel sucks."
To which I said, "I don't own hair gel.  What did you put in your hair?!"

"The sun! My eyes!"

"How did you possibly manage to take a picture of us where neither of us look like us!!"
Followed by, "I have a pin head!"

 This was the best of the terrible pictures.....

Bottom of Little Si

Seattle in rare but glorious sunshining form.  Just stunning.
(Top of Queen Anne, Kerry Park, Seattle, WA)

Next Trip: 30th Birthday Road Trip through the SW (Idaho, Utah, Arizona, final destination of Grand Canyon) (August 2012)
Next Mission: Move BFF to West Coast. 

Man of Few Words

Like the good daughter I am, I wrote my father to remind him that it was Valentine's Day and to not forget to get at least a card for my mother. I also sent his this email to remind him...of me.

Subject: Don't Forget

It's valentine's day tomorrow.
I accept diamonds.
Love you,

Subject: Happy Valentines

Fresh out of diamonds.
Love you,

My dad is awesome and if nothing else succinct.

It was worth a try.  Maybe should have asked for rubies instead?  He keeps those stock piled.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

xo, again


Well, it's Valentine's Day.  And unlike many people, I don't particularly loathe the day. It doesn't even make the list of top 3 worst holidays (1. Halloween, 2. New Year's Eve, 3. Columbus   

While this holiday mostly helps sustain the floralist, jewelry and cardmaking companies, I don't see much wrong with that. There's worse.'re celebrating love, can't much be wrong with that either.  Right?

And while I am single this year, I know I am loved.  That's enough for me. 

Plus these don't happen every day:

Single rose waiting for me at my desk

A Valentine from my nephew:

He even drew me a picture and secured himself as the the best valentine of 2012.

So, this day, much love to you, from me. xo. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ego Boost

I got this message from a former co-worker (and now my new best friend the way the compliments are coming):

I keep forgetting to tell you - I was watching Live with Kelly the other day, and she had Jessica Alba on - and I've never noticed how much she reminds me of you! haha! It's just the way she speaks and some of her mannerisms, it was like Kelly was having a conversation with you (except she's not as witty or smart). I'd never noticed before, and now it's like I can't STOP noticing.

One can never be compared to Jessica Alba too many times, especially if you're going to tell me I'm smarter and wittier than her.  

Boost accepted!