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Monday, February 20, 2012

This weekend

Every once and a while you have a weekend that is not awesome.  It happens.

This weekend happened to be one of those less than awesome weekends.

 Here's why:

Spent $160 dollars on groceries and home products. 
And a hula hoop.  (<------very excited about that; that part is awesome)

I gave myself food poisoning and in the course of 18 hours I lost 3 lbs. My appetite is still subpar but this history of fainting really requires me to keep my blood sugar up so I'm forcing myself to eat. 

I got a ticket from the Federal Way Police Department Photo Enhancement for a red light I blew threw.  Only cost me $124.00.  Not awesome.

And to cap off a less than awesome weekend, I'm working on a holiday.

Up from here folks….only up from here.


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