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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NYC --> SEA (The BFF)

The BFF came to town to do healing touch workshop and made her trip an extra day longer to spend some quality time with me.  Seattle pulled out all the stops with sunshine and 60 degree FEBRUARY.  It was nothing short of spectacular.

When the BFF is in town she is still in NYC operation which means we are non-stop.  I however am fully entrentched in Seattle speed which is a slight step up from saunter.  That combination made for a quicker tempo day for me but a more relaxing one perhaps for the BFF.

Here's how to run a saunteering Seattlite ragged in 12 hours:

Walk around Queen Anne
Breakfast at 5 Spot
More walking around Queen Anne
Drive out to Mt Si
Hike Little Si, which ps. is is not little.  Also, super blow-you-over-off-the-side-of-a-mountain-scary windy.
Talk to every person on the trail (I didn't mind the cute ones, especially that cute blonde with the accent...should has gotten his number)
Stop at gas station for snacks, buy foreign films from the "previously viewed" stack and witness strange things
Drive back to Seattle
Walk to Grocery store
Grocery shop
Discover Safeway was out of bottle openers so search for bottle opener ensues and is resolved at Bartell's
Make dinner from scratch - Turkey and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers (my own tweaked recipe that was delish!)
Lay down to watch said foreign film
I fall promptly asleep because I.just.don'
Peel self off floor and crawl into bed.
Sleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (at the seemingly much later hour of 9:00 pm)


That was just the first day.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it again. I think the fact that we are chattering, laughing, shouting, debating, conversing, thinking, questioning, exploring all while doing this expends our energy even more, at least for the quiet, reclusive introvert like myself.  But, I'll speak for the both of us, we have a great time and I think made the most out of her visit.  We managed to fit in a killer dinner at Tilikum Cafe (my new favorite Seattle restaurant) and Chipotle (a staple in our friendship).

Here's a few terrible snapshots of the visit:.

"I do have great skin."
Followed by, "Your hair gel sucks."
To which I said, "I don't own hair gel.  What did you put in your hair?!"

"The sun! My eyes!"

"How did you possibly manage to take a picture of us where neither of us look like us!!"
Followed by, "I have a pin head!"

 This was the best of the terrible pictures.....

Bottom of Little Si

Seattle in rare but glorious sunshining form.  Just stunning.
(Top of Queen Anne, Kerry Park, Seattle, WA)

Next Trip: 30th Birthday Road Trip through the SW (Idaho, Utah, Arizona, final destination of Grand Canyon) (August 2012)
Next Mission: Move BFF to West Coast. 


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