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Monday, April 30, 2012


There are 3 reasons for me to go to Phoenix:

1.) The sister
2.) The nephew
3.) The sun

Bonus: the big brother from another mother

I have listed those in the most "important" because I'm not an idiot and the truth can be consequential. 

1.) Sister and I got to hang out and laugh.  A lot and mostly at each other. I offered her a brazil nut out of the kindess of my heart and she just just called me an "ass" like it was the most insulting question I could have possibly said. It was hilarious...had to be there.

She cooked lots and we were like old people practically passed out on the couch at 8:00 pm, struggling to keep our eyes open scrolling through the TiVo.  We'd go for walks/runs in the morning where I would also multitask by working on my tan.   

She also baked a loaf of banana bread and then proceeded to eat the top of it just fresh out of the oven.  If there is ever an appropriate time to call someone an ass, this is one of those times.

2.) The nephew was a hoot and a half.  So adorable and full of energy and things to say.  Unsensible things, but he was chatting along with himself, the cat, us, his toys, no one, etc.  He's learned the words "again" and "up" which is double trouble for this gal.  We played lots on the slide, and airplane, and toss in the air, swing back and forth, and run around in circles and anything that involved moving. 

I got him this outfit for Christmas.  Stylin.

Last time we did bath time you would have thought his world was coming to an end, but now he really enjoys it.  Especially the part where you style his sudsy hair like Alphalfa and we laugh hysterically...he totally loves that.

love love love

Someone wanted to come out to play after naptime but couldn't because its too hot.  He even tried putting shoes on too, not his shoes mind you, but shoes nonetheless. So I laughed, taunting him. It'll be good for him one day.

3.) Now, its been a long winter here in Seattle.  I needed to get away and lay in the sun for the sole purpose of sweating without forcibly moving my body (aka exercising).  I really just want to fry, cook, roast and boil and then flip. I also wanted to minimize the dreary shade of translucent white my skin had become...ghostly really.  My sister incesently reminded me that I was on my way to getting cancer, which is probably true, but I was so warm and happy. Happy beyond measure. 

This obviously happened.  Twice.
Mint Oreo Blizzard, manna from the heavens.

My brother from another mother lives in Phoenix now so we get to catch up when I'm down there.  We had some good heart to heart while sitting on the sidewalk, looking at the stars, talking about life.  Straight out of a made-for-tv Lifetime movie.  We met up with some of his buddies, particularly dreamy ones. He knows my tastes all too well. 

I'm ready to go back. Now, please.

Tohono Chul Park

While visiting the sis and nephew, we took a day to head to Tucson and take a visit to Tohono Chul Park, a outdoor space dedicaded to sharing and highlighting varieties of desert plants (mostly varieties of cacti and succulents).  There was lots of information and things to do and see.  It was also about as hot as the surface of the sun (or 95ish degrees) so we sought refuge in shade and didn't really linger in the open. 

Here's what we saw:

Don't you just want to go in?

Long day, huh, kiddo?

If I were a plant, I'd be a catcus I think. Not by choice, but if you think about it I'm a little prickly, resilent and really happy in the desert heat.

If you're ever in the area, check it out. 

When Life Gives You Lemons...

a. Throw them back.
b. Say, "What the hell, I asked for diamonds?" Pout and give the big brown puppy dog eyes. (Gets 'em every time)(<--false).
c. Squeeze the juice and discover every minuscule hangnail to papercut
d. Give it to a small child to chew on and watch face. (<--Hilarious)
e. Add copious amount for sugar and make sorbet.
f. Add copious amounts of sugar to butter and flour and make lemon bars.

Sister has a lemon tree that I secretly covet. I scoured the interwebs looking for recipes for things to do with lemons.  There's a lot you can do but also not a lot before you get lemoned out.

I opted for lemon sorbet because what sounded more amazing than sitting in 90 degree weather being cooled from the inside by a sweetly sour treat? I couldn't think of anything besides that. 

So I did just that.

Lemon tree >>Lemon Juice>>Lemon Rind >> drumroll


I used this recipe.

So next time you find yourself with a tree full of lemons and in 90 degree weather, might I suggest you make this and keep cool from the inside out.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Had my first date with someone I didn’t meet through the interwebs last night.  A co-worker set us up. There was a coffee shop, squash bread and Italian dinner involved.  Mix in sharing stories about our travels around the world and a beautiful spring night in Seattle and you've got a recipe for goodness.

He said two things that made me pause and ask myself, “is that a deal-breaker?”

He said:

“I don’t really do sweets.” 


“Seattle is so clean, my friends and I were even walking around downtown with no shoes on.”

But he is a tall dark rugged dreamboat hottie-with-a-body mountaineering truck-driving mechanical engineer. With incredible hair. So, I'm feeling inclined to look past those to statements. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lunchin' with the Nephew

The nephew is so uninterested in me when I can't pick him up, toss him over my head, twirl him around, chase him down the hall or have food in hand.  Which is why at lunch getting a photo with the little man isn't the easiest thing.

So much more interested in ceiling fans.
Not taking it personally or anything.

"What do you want, woman?"

"Ugh, fine.  I'll be adorable, but I will not look at the camera."

Sister took me to a lovely restaurant in Surprise, AZ called Vogue Bistro. De-lish.

Roasted Beet Salad.  Killer good.

Ooops, how'd those get in there.

90 degrees, 8% humidity. Freckles out in full force. I'm so happy. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For the Record

PB and I just agreed that if we aren't married in 10 years we're moving to Paris. In the words of PB, "crazy old ladies pushing 40, having a picnic, gazing at the eiffel tower, sounds fab."

I couldn't agree more.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Option 1:

My non-date Saturday night: "I figure if in 10 years you're not married, you'll have to marry me." 

Option 2:
SBB:  I heard on the radio a quote and it says, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” 
Me: Yeah....they’re that what you mean?
SBB: YES!  See ,you don’t need one!
Me: Thanks….

Glad to see my matrimony is on people's minds.

But for now, I'll take option 3:



Perfectly timed Tiny Dancer on the radio
Sunroof, sun glasses and sun dresses
White bean and basil hummus
Hunger Games and Mr. Villas
Florence + the machine
Sofia Vergara on SNL
See guys, life is good. I beginning to believe those people who say life gets even better at 30.

At dinner tonight with a girlfriend, it dawned on me that the guy sitting incredibly close to our table was absolutely listening to our conversation.  There is no way he left dinner not thinking we weren't batshit crazy.

A conversation about the following topics:

Career paths
An ex-husband
Moving to Denmark
Favorite man smells
Abusive relationships
Closet Chain smoking
Chain Smoking Grandmas
Other inappropriate topics the remain in the sanctity of friendship

Last week I bought 5 albums at a lunch hour.  That was not a cheap lunch hour but totally worth it. 

Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials - my favorite
Rosie Thomas - With Love - so unfortunately disappointing
Lumineers - Lumineers - my first favorite, my second favorite
Rosie Thomas - Only with Laughter can We Win - my first favorite
Sharon Van Etten - Tramp - Just listen to the whole thing. Trust me. 

I really do like me some lists. Obviously.

Please, Step Into My Office

Office/Living Room/Dining Room/Solarium/Media Room/Breakfast Nook

a.       Mint plant – Things I am not is a plant keeper.  I wish I was,;it seems like a hobby of kind, patient and thoughtful people. I’m not. Except this little guy.  A dear friend gave me this mint plan a few weeks ago and what started as a wee little thing is growing up.  So, I water it, give it plenty of day light, say nice things to it, etc. I’ve become quite partial to it, which is why its really going to be sad when it dies because of my forgetful caretaking.

 b.      Lounge chair – If I had company while working form home, this is where I would imagine them sitting.  But since I don’t, its where I sit when the sun hits it just right and take a break.

c.       Important people doing Important things – Managing calendars is one of our primary responsibilities we do.  Because lord know the world’s greatest minds can’t do it on their own.

d.      Signature “C” Anthro mug, usually filled with tea, aka hot chocolate – It my favorite.  It keeps me warm and feels like home.

e.      Sunshine and outside – both things I like, so even when working I get as close to it as physically possible. 

f.        Kleenex – For sinus and lung infection going on day 14. But there is an end in sight. I know it, like the sun in Seattle, I know it exists but I just can’t see it.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

That'll Do

In my dream house I have a solarium.  And since I'm a few years and dollars away from said dream house, I'll work with what I got:

4.8.2012, Seattle, 65 degrees

That'll do.   Plenty of sun, breeze and vitamin D. 
Not sure what else I need.
Nothing probably.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Email Conversation of the Day (Friday)

Me: PS.  I have a viral lung infection and am heavily medicated on prednisone, codeine and albuterol.  Taking the day off and not working. Have a great weekend!! We’ll see when I'll be back running.  Will aim for Monday.

NR: Holy crap!!!!   Are you serious?  Dang, no wonder you were stopping every now and then while running on Tuesday.  I thought I was kicking your butt.  Oh well.  Hey, if you die, then I was wondering if I could have those new Asics you just bought – SR’s birthday is coming up. Well sorry you are heavily medicated and seriously sick.  Hang in there.  Let us know if you need anything.  More than happy to help (I don’t really mean this). 

If you can't count on your friends to want your things when you die what can you count on?

I'll have you know I was running 5 miles at a 9:30 pace (with a lung infection apparently) so if I want to take a breather, I will...thankyouverymuchjudgyjudgerson. And yes, if I go, those Asics are all yours. 

Speaking of lung infection, through the coercion of my MD bosses I was urged to get to a licensed doctor.  So I begrudgingly did so. One doctor visit and 3 prescriptions later, I was loaded up and ready to tackle this head on:

Oh, ooops, how'd that Ben & Jerry's get in there?  Shant let that go to waste. (Also, side note: that Ben & Jerry's cost me more than 2/3 of my meds. That's a whole different conversation.)

So I spent Friday and Saturday resting.  But then I was really over lounging around and decided to do some spring cleaning, closet clearing, and finishing painting my room which meant climbing and moving things around in a room full of paint fumes and dust.  Super smart.  I think that's what is bringing me to my feeling leveled today.

However, the weekend wasn't a total bust. I did get to:

Eat lots of frozen treats
Pho lunch with the pops which I had just taken my loopy meds and was drunk as a skunk. 
Mom treated me to an awesome mani/pedi
Watched Mad Men (<3) and some movies
Get an outrageous ab workout

There's worse ways to spend a weekend.  Next time, less infection, more sunshine.