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Monday, April 2, 2012

Email Conversation of the Day (Friday)

Me: PS.  I have a viral lung infection and am heavily medicated on prednisone, codeine and albuterol.  Taking the day off and not working. Have a great weekend!! We’ll see when I'll be back running.  Will aim for Monday.

NR: Holy crap!!!!   Are you serious?  Dang, no wonder you were stopping every now and then while running on Tuesday.  I thought I was kicking your butt.  Oh well.  Hey, if you die, then I was wondering if I could have those new Asics you just bought – SR’s birthday is coming up. Well sorry you are heavily medicated and seriously sick.  Hang in there.  Let us know if you need anything.  More than happy to help (I don’t really mean this). 

If you can't count on your friends to want your things when you die what can you count on?

I'll have you know I was running 5 miles at a 9:30 pace (with a lung infection apparently) so if I want to take a breather, I will...thankyouverymuchjudgyjudgerson. And yes, if I go, those Asics are all yours. 

Speaking of lung infection, through the coercion of my MD bosses I was urged to get to a licensed doctor.  So I begrudgingly did so. One doctor visit and 3 prescriptions later, I was loaded up and ready to tackle this head on:

Oh, ooops, how'd that Ben & Jerry's get in there?  Shant let that go to waste. (Also, side note: that Ben & Jerry's cost me more than 2/3 of my meds. That's a whole different conversation.)

So I spent Friday and Saturday resting.  But then I was really over lounging around and decided to do some spring cleaning, closet clearing, and finishing painting my room which meant climbing and moving things around in a room full of paint fumes and dust.  Super smart.  I think that's what is bringing me to my feeling leveled today.

However, the weekend wasn't a total bust. I did get to:

Eat lots of frozen treats
Pho lunch with the pops which I had just taken my loopy meds and was drunk as a skunk. 
Mom treated me to an awesome mani/pedi
Watched Mad Men (<3) and some movies
Get an outrageous ab workout

There's worse ways to spend a weekend.  Next time, less infection, more sunshine. 


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