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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Please, Step Into My Office

Office/Living Room/Dining Room/Solarium/Media Room/Breakfast Nook

a.       Mint plant – Things I am not is a plant keeper.  I wish I was,;it seems like a hobby of kind, patient and thoughtful people. I’m not. Except this little guy.  A dear friend gave me this mint plan a few weeks ago and what started as a wee little thing is growing up.  So, I water it, give it plenty of day light, say nice things to it, etc. I’ve become quite partial to it, which is why its really going to be sad when it dies because of my forgetful caretaking.

 b.      Lounge chair – If I had company while working form home, this is where I would imagine them sitting.  But since I don’t, its where I sit when the sun hits it just right and take a break.

c.       Important people doing Important things – Managing calendars is one of our primary responsibilities we do.  Because lord know the world’s greatest minds can’t do it on their own.

d.      Signature “C” Anthro mug, usually filled with tea, aka hot chocolate – It my favorite.  It keeps me warm and feels like home.

e.      Sunshine and outside – both things I like, so even when working I get as close to it as physically possible. 

f.        Kleenex – For sinus and lung infection going on day 14. But there is an end in sight. I know it, like the sun in Seattle, I know it exists but I just can’t see it.


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