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Monday, April 30, 2012


There are 3 reasons for me to go to Phoenix:

1.) The sister
2.) The nephew
3.) The sun

Bonus: the big brother from another mother

I have listed those in the most "important" because I'm not an idiot and the truth can be consequential. 

1.) Sister and I got to hang out and laugh.  A lot and mostly at each other. I offered her a brazil nut out of the kindess of my heart and she just just called me an "ass" like it was the most insulting question I could have possibly said. It was hilarious...had to be there.

She cooked lots and we were like old people practically passed out on the couch at 8:00 pm, struggling to keep our eyes open scrolling through the TiVo.  We'd go for walks/runs in the morning where I would also multitask by working on my tan.   

She also baked a loaf of banana bread and then proceeded to eat the top of it just fresh out of the oven.  If there is ever an appropriate time to call someone an ass, this is one of those times.

2.) The nephew was a hoot and a half.  So adorable and full of energy and things to say.  Unsensible things, but he was chatting along with himself, the cat, us, his toys, no one, etc.  He's learned the words "again" and "up" which is double trouble for this gal.  We played lots on the slide, and airplane, and toss in the air, swing back and forth, and run around in circles and anything that involved moving. 

I got him this outfit for Christmas.  Stylin.

Last time we did bath time you would have thought his world was coming to an end, but now he really enjoys it.  Especially the part where you style his sudsy hair like Alphalfa and we laugh hysterically...he totally loves that.

love love love

Someone wanted to come out to play after naptime but couldn't because its too hot.  He even tried putting shoes on too, not his shoes mind you, but shoes nonetheless. So I laughed, taunting him. It'll be good for him one day.

3.) Now, its been a long winter here in Seattle.  I needed to get away and lay in the sun for the sole purpose of sweating without forcibly moving my body (aka exercising).  I really just want to fry, cook, roast and boil and then flip. I also wanted to minimize the dreary shade of translucent white my skin had become...ghostly really.  My sister incesently reminded me that I was on my way to getting cancer, which is probably true, but I was so warm and happy. Happy beyond measure. 

This obviously happened.  Twice.
Mint Oreo Blizzard, manna from the heavens.

My brother from another mother lives in Phoenix now so we get to catch up when I'm down there.  We had some good heart to heart while sitting on the sidewalk, looking at the stars, talking about life.  Straight out of a made-for-tv Lifetime movie.  We met up with some of his buddies, particularly dreamy ones. He knows my tastes all too well. 

I'm ready to go back. Now, please.


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