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Monday, May 27, 2013

On a Steel Horse I Ride

Some may say I'm a speed junkie, but I really prefer speed "enthusiast".  So when my new friend MB said he'd take me on a ride, I could.not.wait.  

Early Monday morning rolled around, and I was so ready. Soooo ready. He has all the gear to keep me safe so we hopped on and took off! 

We stopped at Uptown Cafe in W. Seattle for warm beverages and pumpkin bread.  It was just enough to pep us up and then hit the road again. 

Of course, I've got some thoughts on the matter:

  • It was fast....sort of. 70 mph doesn't feel like that fast on a bike.  It really doesn' just makes you want to go faster.  Yes, the "need for speed" is a real thing. 
  • It's liberating - no distractions, just the open road.  Because it was early enough, we crossed I-90 going 70 mph through the express lane tunnel and we were the only motor the whole way.  It felt surreal, nearly out of body.  The tunnel lights blurred together into a line and I squeezed just a little tighter.  For a moment, all the exhausting and confusing thoughts that occupied my mind over the last week disappeared, if only for the moment.  
  • It's an introvert dream activity. There's no talking but there is someone there who you have entrusted your safety with. Your mind wanders and there's no obligation to talk.  I needed the distraction and it was perfect. He'd hold my hand to his chest, rub my legs to try to warm them up, keep checking in that I was ok. It was just enough.  Give the situation, I've, paradoxically, never felt more safe. 
  • Let's just mention the obvious, straddling a dreamboat over some horsepower isn't horrible. In fact it's the opposite of that. 
  • And while, I am less than a picture of grace getting on or off the bike...but when I'm on....I'm totally frigging hot ;)

Let's just say, plans are already made for next weekend....and this time there is suppose to be sun. 


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