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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Double Whammy...Wait, Make it a Triple

Today I was running late for my facial clocking a good click across the Aurora Bridge.  In fact, a Seattle police officer instructed me that he had clocked me going 54 mph. Well, that's sure helpful of him wasn't it?  But I wasn't going to argue with him and I have a firm policy that I only engage in arguments I 1.) know I will win and 2.) even I know you don't argue with a police officer. But in my defense the reason I was going 54 over the bridge was to pass grandpa and semi-truck going the speed limit, and rightfully so, but who goes 40 mph over that bridge? So running late for my monthly facial turned into completely missing it. And, guys, did you know you can get a ticket for not having a current insurance card?  I'm fully insured but mine just expired and my new card is sitting conveniently at home in my stack of mail (I'm pretty sure). So that's two tickets in one stop. I've NEVER HAD A TICKET IN MY LIFE AND NOW I GET TWO IN ONE STOP?!? Double whammy. 

So thanks SPD for popping my speeding ticket cherry, it was bound to happen. At the risk of sounding completely vain and high maintenance, it is more regretful that I missed my facial. 

Oh and I got my LSAT score.  Make it a triple whammy day.


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