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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why I Love This

Why I love this:

  1. It's Eco-friendly: The US and Canada seem to be the only countries where we use energy to dry our clothes.  Just doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint.
  2. The Ocean:  I could hear the ocean when I was hanging my clothes.  It makes doing laundry, the worst of all chores next to washing dishes, far more soothing.
  3. OCD:  I can exercise my OCD by hanging my clothes in length order so as to create a strong visual image and create linear depth. Plus it looks organized, thus making my heart sing.
  4. Shades of Gray:  Obviously, I wear a lot of black and it's varying shades, also know as "gray." Q.E.D.
  5. Smells Like Fresh: There is nothing else quite like it; like how the wind smells in a field or something equally as cliche. 
Here's hopin' a seagull doesn't do a flyby crap on my favorite dress...


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