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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hypothetically Speaking Of Course

Via Text Message:

A: Amazing.  Get ready to Thoreau yourself.
Me: Perfect: Introverts love the Thoreauvian lifestyle.
A:  I have heard as much. Being an unbelievably extroverted extrovert I have little experience with this. Descartes would be pissed....
Me:  He's probably rolling over in his grave but Siddartha is giving you a high five. So it's a trade off
A: Let's be real. If it's between Descartes' respect and Siddartha's high-five, Descartes can suck it.
Me: I concur. But if I could get a thumbs up from Gandhi, I'd be pretty stoked.
A: That's be huge.  Or a wink from Mother Theresa!

I also wouldn't mind a fist pump from Jesus.


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