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Thursday, June 3, 2010

While I Should Be Studying

While I should be studying, I'm having this ridiculous conversation with PB. Remember, she lives in LA.

PB: Heres what I am looking for: tall, half-Asian (ish) Southern gentleman, funny, witty, smart, family-oriented, honest, ambitious, sense of style, athletic, masculine but with an appreciation for the finer things in life...who loves every ounce of my being. so let me know if you know of anyone...
Me: Can you maybe narrow it down to a top 3 characteristics? 
PB:  Oh and preferably with a last name that goes with mine, and towads the beginning of the alphabet bc I wouldnt want our kids to always be last for everything
Me: You're ridiculous
(My bold for emphasis.)

PB: Go for a hike, make out, do your thing...
Me:  I wish I even knew what my thing was!

PB: Well nothing can top me living in the hollywood hills with a british rockstar druggie stylist in his 60s, a man in a van, J and an actor in the guest house
Me: Nope, probably not.

PB:  Oh great, porn producer friend from Facebook is messaging

PB: I, however, would never have 2 dates in a row with the words 'cabin' and 'hike' but that is where we differ (Sidenote for clarification: these are not dates, these are hangouts.)
Me: haha, nope, no you wouldn't. Nor would I ever go on a date with a guy to his 'audition' and 'photoshoot'

PB: Yeah he hollered at me when I was walking out of a club. We stopped and chatted bc sometimes u just do that
Me: totes

Well, back to this Reading Comprehension bullcuss.


Molly B said...

Sounds like you're studying for LSAT bliss :) I have an LSAT stopwatch if you want it (yes, I am that nerd)!

fabfashionista said...

oh, you love me.

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