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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Little Rain Never Slowed Us Down

Outside the small town of Granite Falls, along the Mountain Loop Highway, Heather Lake trail offers a moderate hike to one of the most spectacular treasures hidden in Mt. Baker's national forest.  But, because it's Seattle, and if you ever waited for the rain to stop, you'd never go hiking.  So, in the midst of a torrential downpour, CT and I headed out to Heather Lake, a moderate 4 mile out and back hike.  After traversing rivers, slipping on rocks, wading through creeks that that were suppose to be trails, we finally made it to Heather Lake that evokes pure admiration of majesty and beauty.  The rain stopped for a moment to capture just a glimpse of blue sky and the sun shone down on us just long enough to sing Here Comes the Sun, Good Day Sunshine, Sunshine on my Shoulders, My Girl (I've Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day), and Ain't No Sunshine. Now CT can actually sing (he has is eyes set on The New School in NYC) so it was really me more just listening and having my heart stolen one note at a time.

I just got a few pics as I was trying to prevent the camera from sustaining permanent water damage, but as always, pictures never do natural beauty justice.  It's like they say, "Some of the best memories are captured through a series of shitty pictures." (My paraphrase.)

Some people hike in boots.  Some people hike in dress shoes.  nbd.

We talked a lot about a variety of topics and answered some of the most peculiar questions I've ever been asked, such as:  What are your thoughts on the idea of man vs. nature? (Insert long diatribe.) Do you ever feel so excited you are giddy? (Yes, all the time.) Have you ever thought about the parallels between nature and the choreography of modern dance? (Nope, no I haven't) What are some of your favorite things to eat? (Where do I start?) What are some of your favorite acrobatic moves? (I literally laughed out loud...What? I have not idea what that even means.) 

Quote of the Day goes to CT: "I used to do a lot of really gross things with pepperoni....(we both laugh uncontrollably)...I should probably clarify." He clarified. 

After the hike, drying ourselves off as best we could, we stopped at Omega Pizza and Pasta for salads and veggie pizza accompanied by a conversation about small town economics and sustainability and contemporary feminism and the conversations that should be happening versus the conversations that are being had. (Especially in light of this comment at the 1:10 mark that makes even my general calm demeanor go apecuss).  Good food, good conversation, finally a dry place to sit.  

Can't wait until August when we have a tentative (and by "tentative" I mean, "if he remembers") baking date  that I'm sure will involve inappropriate footware, kneading dough, awkward in depth/insightful questions and delicious baked goods.   

Moral of the Story:  Unemployment does not suck.


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