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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Status Quo

I hiked out to Smugglers Cove today. Pictures don't even do it justice. 

That there is the Canadian Pacific Ocean.  It's much like the United States' Pacific Ocean but it has universal health care, uses words like "compulsory," profusely apologizes for everything regardless of necessity, wins Olympic Hockey Gold medals and encourage world leaders at the G20 summit to reduce national debt while still maintaining a thriving economy.  So, it's almost like the United States Pacific Ocean, and yet totally different.  But I digress....

I spent a long while out on this rock ledge today.  I watched the boats go by, birds fly about and the water gently lap against to rocks.  I half thought about taking a dip in but it wasn't even noon and I not an idiot. Crazy? Yes.  Stupid? No. I thought a lot about nothing and a little about everything.  I came to no conclusions, had no revelations, just pondered more questions.

That seems to be the status quo these days.     


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