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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Summer

I operate under no false pretense that summer arrives with the equinox.  Around these parts, the 5th of July the unofficial welcome to summer; this is after you've watched the fireworks in the drizzle and bundled up for the last time of the spring season.  This being the middle of July I am pleased to announce that Seattle has arrive in it's full glory. I'll be honest, summer is not an easy season for me.  I'm not a huge fan of the season's fashion (can't really pull off short shorts and I'm self-conscious about my arms so the rules out tank tops), not a big fan of sedentary sweating, the days are outrageously long which is nice unless you really do want to sleep in, most of Seattle is un-air-conditioned, and it leads directly into fall which is the most superior of all seasons so summer is like an endless Christmas eve waiting for the leaves to change color and the air to turn crisp.  

With that, if there is a place to spend summer it is the great Pacific Northwest.  And while I'm am on professional vacation mode, I'm making the most of it.  I've been all over from Manzanita, Oregon to Egmont, British Columbia and most places in between from Vancouver, WA to Vancouver BC.  

As I was listening to Stuart McLean sharing a story (The Vinyl Cafe) on CBC Radio one weekend, he concluded his story capturing the essence of summer. So eloquently talking about summers past, summer work and the lessons learned,  he says, "I learned something at all of wouldn't expect it, but these things add up.  And what they add up to is away bigger than what you can possibly image. As another summer takes us in a warm embrace, heres beginning and to endingss, to hellos and good byes, to everyone heading off into the wild blue yonder.  I pray that you will learn as I did, in your summer work, that work is prayer, that God is in the details and that it is a good life with so much happiness to be had when you can find it.  And where a summer job, like a summer love, can be much more than you ever imagined."   

So here's to summer of 2010 - May you be good to us.


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