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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heat Wave

Seattle saw the first of it's heat waves, where temperatures reached into the mid 90s.  For us temperate bunch, this can be rather uncomfortable.  Having been raised in a household with air-conditioning, I rarely fall victim to the heat as I can cozy up under my down comforter in bed as the air-conditioner hums away.  However, as luck would have it, I spent that blistering week housesitting in West Seattle, were the master suite was equipped with 2 life-saving essentials: a giant soaking tub for ice baths and a window fan.  As the heat index rose, I did everything I could to soak up the sun while taking breaks to keep cool and refilling my cup with a variety of ice cold beverages.  I sunbathed and then took ice baths.  I sun bathed and drove to destinations with the AC up (and maybe the sunroof was open). It all looked a little something like this:

It got so hot even Max was trying his darnedest to stay cool.  

When I walked into the house on the last day of the heat wave I gave my dad a hug and he asks, "What the best thing about this moment."  I replied, "The air-conditioning."  He chuckled, "Yep, worth every penny."


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