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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tacoma: Not as Bad As You Think

Once upon a time, 3 people became friends and made grand plans to go exploring.  That was 2 years ago and we finally got ourselves together enough to head south to MB's hometown of Tacoma.  Now, being born and raised in the Seattle area, our family never went south of Seattle unless we were going to the airport.  It seemed useless and foreign (kind of like the mid-west).

It being the third Thursday, admission was free to the Tacoma Art Museum and Glass Museum so we thought what better way to spend  a beautiful afternoon than cruising the museums.  Dale Chahuly of glass blowing fame is from Tacoma and thus rich in the medium.  Union Station is home to chandeliers and other installations that capture sunlight and to a turn a seemingly hum-drum white space into a show case for color and light.  

MB was the tour guide extraordinaire and showed us around the lovely town of Tacoma, from Union Station to Stadium High School (of Hollywood fame) to the old quaint neighborhoods with cobblestone roads and classic architecture.  It was a feast for the eyes. See for yourself:

Of course food was involved.  We stopped for our post-museum meal at Indochine,  hip and chic Asian fusion cuisine.  After spring rolls, pad thai and panang curry we were stuffed to the hilt and soon to enter food coma.  

Maybe it was the sun, maybe it was the culture, maybe it was the friends, probably a combination of it all, but I decided that Tacoma isn't such a craphole after all.  



Molly B said...

yaaaah! so happy to see T-town made the blog - hope you'll visit again :) or take the train to Stumptown (PDX)!

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