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Monday, July 26, 2010

Wiley Creek

It's no big secret that I'm not much of a camper.  Last year in an effort to become more of an extrovert I showed up solo on a camping with a big group of people, of which I only knew 4 of the 20-ish.  Although I didn't exactly stay overnight last year, I met some absolutely wonderful people and since then have shared some amazing meals, laughs and great times.

After the success of last year's venture, the group reunited with some new additions, and we headed back to Wiley Creek for a second year.  Keeping with tradition, I did not stay over night; I did doused myself head to toe in bug spray. Not quite jump-into-an-icy-river temperature out, I restrained myself from jump in knowing it couldn't possibly end well.

With Joe as head chef extraordinaire camping food resembles something served at a 4 star restaurant.  Last year it was herb stuffed trout and a variety of salads, this year it was gourmet beef and pork burgers seasoned with garlic, cloves and smoked salt and pepper topped with a cherry bleu chesse slaw. It all looked so amazing I hovered around the grill in eager anticipation for my burger to come off the grill (vegetarian vacation).  With food and booze galore, we settle around the fire, chatting, laughing, and s'moreing.

Vegetarian Vacation

Not your average camping cuisine.

Even after a couple red beers Julie could still rub her head and pat her belly.

A man, his flask and his best friends.

Steve built the fire pit down on the beach were we got this enormous fire blazing hot.  Definitely nudged the chair back a few inches with this guy.

Of course.

Then Joe said, "Look, the bats are out." and with that I maintained my composure and gracefully exited the premises.  I was out.  Same time, same place next year folks. I might just make it over night one of these years.


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