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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Challenge 2009: Biel Body

In 3 months I will be the maid of honor in my Best Friend’s wedding. In exactly 3 months I need to have the body that rivals Jessica Biel. Here’s how I ended up participating in a wager that could be make this the longest 3 months of my life.

Thursday night I enjoyed an amazing dinner that easily doubled the recommended daily caloric intake. Friday morning I woke up feeling giant as a house. So I made a new commitment to my personal health and fitness level. I turned over a new health leaf, packed my gym clothes and packed a healthy lunch. When I got to work, a colleague jokingly sent me an email asking if I brought my stuff for the gym. I respond with an affirmative, to which he replied, “Ut oh, what happened?” as if the only thing that would get me to the gym would be some sort of emotional/self-esteem crisis (which could very well be true). To which he responded with, “Let’s have competition!” I took the bait and here I am now. I have 3 months to be in the best shape of my life. The loser buys the other person dim sum for the rest of the year. There is a panel comprised of 5 judges who will determine the winner. Those are all the details we’ve worked out so far. At the end of this all….if I win I will post the before and after pictures.

Seven Reasons Why I’ll Win:
  1. If I know I CAN win as something I WILL…I am fiercely competitive when it comes to things I can control and have extraordinary will-power. C’mon, I’m a Virgo.
  2. I think people think that I’m not at fit as I actually am because I still wear clothes that I wore when I was 30 lbs heavier so I look larger than I actually am. I certainly have a ways to go but not an unrealistic amount.
  3. He is cocky and has no fear of the underdog. That is motivation enough…call it the Rudy-syndrome.
  4. I think it’s easier to tone up and lose weight than it is to muscularly lean down, which is what he has to do.
  5. My eating habits are way better than his. My natural food allergies and abstaining from alcohol gives me a leg up.
  6. I really want to look slammin’ for Melissa’s wedding. I’m training for the Seattle Half Marathon in June and the Seattle-to-Portland in July. Besides my vanity, the reason for doing this is also so that I survive both events.
  7. Aristotle said, “Probable impossibilities are to be preferred to improbable possibilities.” It is a probable impossibility that I could actually pull this off.

So, Biel-body, here I come. Judgment day is June 12. All encouragement and prayers are needed and welcome.

On that note: I had a really tough workout yesterday and can hardly raise my hands above my head. This makes getting dressed and sneezing very painful. Today was a day of rest and tomorrow is cardio and a short strength circuit. I will do my best to keep you posted, oh devoted readers.

Stay tuned.


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