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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today has Not Sucked as Much as Yesterday

I vowed to make today at the very least incrementally better than yesterday. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t take that much.

This is how it started:

• 7:00 am dentist appointment. That is the devil’s work.
• Bus broke down in the tunnel.
• I’m pretty sure my socks don’t match, which on most days is fine, but I’m wearing a skirt and boots so it’s a bit obvious.
• I’m starving but I don’t want to eat because my teeth feel so clean.
• Someone is totally clipping their nails at work. Are you for real?!?

Walking into the building today I almost just turned around and went back home. I’m ready to call it quit this Tuesday and start again tomorrow.

But, when you look for them, there are shining moments, such as these:

1.) The TT last didn’t in the least hurt my stomach. In fact it felt the most normal I’ve felt in while. Not sure what that says about fast food being good for you but at this point I’ll take it.
2.) I might be rocking out to Glee cover songs in my cube.
3.) I may have freaked my sister out when I inadvertently called her 11:00 am Seattle time. Forgetting that she was in Japan. She may have called in a minor panic wondering was the state of emergency was. Sorries!
4.) After 27 years, I am still cavity-free with no signs of gum disease. I might just celebrate by chewing on a candy and not brushing my teeth.

In closing, today has not sucked as much as yesterday.


stephanielynn said...

One day at a time.

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