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Monday, July 18, 2011


Secret the first: I have been doing a little internet shopping. Not a lot, just a little. This is new for me as I’m generally a in-person browser who feels the need to touch and painstakingly deliberate about making any purchases. But this online shopping business is fascinating.

Get this: One fancy shopping website conveniently filters and search my recent history it come proposes other things I could buy.

For instance it was proposed that I could make these other purchases:

TV: The remaining seasons of The Big Bang Theory (which if you don’t watch it you should), Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother
Movies: Newsies, Fiddler on the Roof, Oliver
Music: the newest Fleetfoxes and the remainder of Bon Iver’s entire discography
Useless things: Gustbuster Metro 43 inch Automatic umbrella

All fine. Whatevs.

But what? What’s this I see? They suggest the game Yahtzee?
Little known fact: I hate the game Yahtzee.
There I said it. The secret is out. There isn’t another boardgame that elicits such a visceral reaction. If it was on your what to get Cara for her birthday in 2 months list, you can go ahead and cross it off.

So there, two secrets. Don't say I never tell you anything. Also, clearly it’s a slow news day because I just blogged about a board game.



Cupcake said...

Just saying, but it's not even a board game. I mean, there's no board. Just dice and that stupid tumbler thing.

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