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Monday, August 29, 2011

Trifectas of Goodness - Summer Style

I can feel summer winding down which I use the word "summer" in the loosest sense of the word.  I'm not even sure we hit 90 degrees this year.  In fact Im pretty sure you could count the number of days that hit 80 on one hand.  And while summer was short lived around here, I've been having a real good time. Here are a few highlights, in trifecta form.

1. ) Farmers markets in full force: You could probably go to a different outdoor farmers market in Seattle every night of the week. I do serious damage here.  How could you not?

2.) Home away from home: I headed up to the Sunshine Coast the Keats Island one weekend.  It happened to be the weekend that just a year before I'd celebrated ending my retirement and entering the work force again by diving into the shallow end of the ocean.  As always, Uncle O made his famous best from scratch waffles (everyone says they havee the best waffle recipe but this one actually is the best). We went crabbing to catch starfish, and spent the summer night with food, friends and family.  It really is heaven on earth.

3.) Seattle Art and Sea Fair: I'm lucky enough to count a co-worker as a friend.  A friend who lives on Lake Washington with a viewing deck (maybe she has 2 viewing decks).  I snuck out of the office early to "work from home" and "worked" while the Blue Angels practiced.  We did actually far as you know. And if it were any secret, its little treasures like the rusty art installation of washington, makes me love Seattle more and more (I'm not even sure that's possible).

4.) THEY GOTS MARRIED! The bride was beautiful. He got one of the good ones.  LL-B added her own personal touch with the cake topper and bouqet, both of which I envied. I even put a dress on for the occasion which we all know how rare that is. Best wishes to the happy couple.

5.) At the tracks:  My boss invited me to attend the Emerald Downs Primera Esperanza, and event organized by his wife to honor the hispanic community and the contributions they make to the horse racing.  Having never been to the race tracks, I jumped at the opportunity for the pure experience of it and boy what a hoot it was.  I put $2 down on a horse to take first at the advice of my boss and won!  $1.40!  Of which I promptly invested in an ice cream cone on the way home.  Best investment ever.    

6.) Stace's Dirty Thirty - On Saturday night, neslted in one of Wallingford neighborhood backyard's, you could have see magic in action.  To celebrate her three decades of existance, Stace put on a private performance of her very own songs, which were just lovely.  The night carried on with treats and smores which, what more could you ask for on a summer night? Not much.

So, as you can see, summer has been good to me. 


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