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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I do love me a list

  • I really want Hunter Rainboots, preferably red, but would settle for grey. If I had to. 
  • I definitely wore one contact backwards for 6 hours today.
  • The Big Bang Theory is back and life has purpose again.
  • One of our grantees passed away last Friday. Monday he received the Nobel prize. I’m sure there is a lesson to learn in there somewhere but all I can think about is the Alanis Morriset song, Ironic.
  • I've started dating. Its not bad. In fact I'm quite enjoying it. Its like shopping for men.
  • Can we agree that fro-yo should be hyphenated?
  • I own exactly 2 movies: Almost Famous & The Thomas Crowne Affair. Both of which I could watch endlessly. And I have because I have no cable or internet.
  • I was asked to sit on a panel with Melinda and 3 others and represent the Global Health team. I am not freaking out. (I am totally freaking out). Given the number of times I've said in appropriate things at in appropriate times, the likelihood for this to be a disaster is pretty high. I should start job hunting now.
  • In other exciting news we made a grant for $14M that only took a year and a half to make.  
  • I called my aunt after a really exhausting week in a desperate need for a pep talk. After explianing how overwhelmed I am and I just can't keep up with it some days, she says, "Did you tell them to f*ck off and die?" Nope hadn't tried that one. But I'm going to keep that one stored upstairs for dire situations.
That's all.  Carry on.


Cupcake said...

a few things:
1. i don't think BBT is funny. i just don't.
2. yes to fro-yo.
3. a panel with melinda? i think that calls for a new watch...

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