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Sunday, January 22, 2012


If you were in the greater Seattle area or knew of anyone in the greater Seattle area, you probably heard of the snow and ice storm that plummed us last week.  Unlike the many who seemed to be riddled with cabin fever I was happy as a hermit, curled up in my home.  I worked uninterrupted, cooked healthy food, cleaned, listened to music without headphones and reveled in alone time. It was absolute bliss.   

However, to preserve my sanity I did make myself leave my apartment everyday, either in the morning for a walk to Kerry Park, or for lunch if I knew Homegrown was open. 

Roasted beet salad and curried lentil soup.

Without fail, (at least) once a day I made a steaming melty Theo's Sipping Chocolate (above) topped with the appropriate ratio of whipped cream (about 1:1).  You should try it, it might change your life, only for the better.

I have a beautiful wrap-around window that offers lots of light but also sheltered front row seats to the winter wonderland. I found myself, sipping hot cocoa, curled up on the couch, staring out the window watching the snow fall, thinking. I thought about how snow is so much like life: beautiful and seasonal. I thought about easily it changes forms and morphs from a solid to a liquid at the slightest change, often like how I find the state of my heart.  I thought about how when flakes fall, they overlap, creating layers, structures and depth, like memories of life also do.  I thought about how fragile that structure is in that with one human step and crush the structure built so perfectly and flawless.  And then I thought about the fleeting nature of snow, like some many things: people, worries, heartache, loneliness, love, wealth, happiness, and more.   

Maybe that's my favorite thing about snow: while I see so much beauty in it, I see so much life. And rarely do I feel so connected to this world than when it snows.

Jan 18 - 20, 2012


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