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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SLC Swooning

Took a little layover in SLC while en route to PHX to visit the sis.  One of my favorites picked me up. We ate brunch under grapevines at a great little veg place.
Then we headed to Park City to watch the last stage of the Tour of Utah which was great fun.  Put me in a crowd of bicyclists and I am one happy camper. We strolled the town, shopped in bookstores, sipped on tea and otherwise soaked in the sun and sights.  Park City is where we met for the first time a few years ago so we paused for a moment at the spot of the momentous occasion. 

After Park City we headed up into the mountain to take in some sights from above. Windows down, music up, I mean, what is hotter than a dreamboat in a pick up listening to great music standing on top of a mountain? Not much. Proceed to swoon.
We headed back into town for some dinner, gelato surrounded dead people thanks to a zombie festival, then strolled through a park. Because that is totally normal.  I don't think there's been a time we haven't had a frozen treat while hanging out. I feel like that's a promising correlation.
The next day we picnicked in the park for breakfast for a few hours.  We talked about everything, good things, hard things, nothings.  A quick swing by Café Rio before the airport and then in was on to Phoenix.

Utah is sllloooowwwly growing on me, but it ain't got nothing on Seattle. 
Here's some good lesson I learned: 

I can be smooth, really smooth.  But I can also totally crash and burn, get super sweaty and almost throw up when I get caught off guard.  So, that keeps me humble.  I blame the 2 hours of sleep. 

Do not plan a bachelorette party the night before a 7:30 am flight.  Just don't.  Ever.

Some nuts take a little more to crack.  Some people are granite vessels, that you just need to keep swinging at. 

Vulnerability is scary.  Always has been for me.   I think it always will be, and I'm coming to believe that that's not only really ok, but essential.


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