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Monday, December 9, 2013

Top 10

Ok, when I said I was "back" that may have been a bold face lie.  Things have been just a step below chaos, which is fine, but it leaves little time to write about the comings and goings of this 30-something.

Let's take the top ten highlights from the last two months.

1.) I went to and from Barcelona.  That was amazing.  Real post on this later.

2.)  The family favorites came to town. We made won ton soup and chatted about the family history (see Grandpa Wong's Ok Cafe in Helena,!).

3.) Work wise, it has been officially one year since I started my new role.  The numbers are coming in and when all is said and done our team will have paid out $99.9M and activated $111M.  If that feels like a lot of money, it's because it is.  Good people doing good things.  And the team gave me a standing ovation in our meeting which felt good.  Oh and presents.  That was nice.  

4.) After the busiest of busy seasons,  I found a grey hair.  Singular.  Yeah for Asian genes!

5.) Husky Game - The new stadium is gorgeous. These people know how to tailgate: full bar, heaters, flat screen TV, lasagna, and so much food and so much fun! Rocking the purple and gold!

That man can pour a

6.) Thanksgiving came and went.  Santa carves our turkey every year.  I wore an elastic waistband.  It's the planner in me. Thanksgiving weekend was also a festive time for some crafting, DIY decorating and shopping (see previous post).  Score!

7.) Brunching with friends...and by brunch we've also added some Cupcake Royale for brunch dessert (genius). Twice.  I had to say good bye to them which breaks my heart but they are off on exciting adventures.

8.)  Hosted a meeting for 275 people.  It was exhausting, frustrating, and only further demonstrated my keen degree of control issues.  I'm over it. But the big boss's dad came and he was amazing.  As always.

9.) Went to the Seattle Asian Art Museum for the first time which was very cool.  Especially if you have it mostly to yourself like I did.

10.)  I did an overhaul on my closet(s).  10 pairs of designer jeans - gone, 4 bags to goodwill, 11 pairs of shoes gone, and do my closets look any less stuffed? No.

So you see, I've been busy.  I hope this holiday season allows for time to really write, be creative, decompress, re-balance and reflect on this crazy thing called life.


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