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Friday, April 8, 2016

Winding down

It's been an interesting season of life the past few months.  Practically every facet of my life has undergone some version of "re-invention."  In the moment of these "re-inventions" I have been forced to come to terms with who I was, who I wanted to be, and what my future might look like.  My health, my career, my relationship, my home, my intellectual pursuits, my creative pursuits, all of is not what it used to be or what I thought it would be.

This part of the internet has been a liberating space to share life's funny moments, challenging thoughts, and creative process. Given all the life changes recently, and the evolution that life has taken, I feel compelled to wind down writing in this space and keep pursuing my writing on another neglected space Cara Straight Trippin' where I'll now start to capture my thoughts, travels, musing, life's pathway and alike.   You'll get more of the same, but better (ok, no promises on the "better" front.)

Hop on over to Cara Straight Trippin' and follow along!

Thank you for the space and privilege of writing in this space.  It has been so good for me.



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