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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Weekend Escape - Day 3

Rain and snow mix fell this morning as I lay in bed. The rain was heavy, persistent and perfect. I again, grace Owen and Nadine with my morning pleasantness and we have a lovely breakfast of omelets, watermelon and hot cocoa. We lounged around for a bit and then made cookies (my favorite chocolate chip ones). Nadine made roasted vegetable soup from last night’s casserole which we had for lunch along with focaccia sandwiches. It may seem like I focus a lot on food here but it’s because my aunt really is the best cook I know and I am one of the best eaters that I know. I believe that's really why we get along so well.

The rain continues to fall. I keep "stoking the fire" (a new phrase I learned meaning adding wood to the fire) trying to keep the room has hot as possible without heating my aunt out of her own home. Not much noteworthy has happened today and that I am grateful for. Nadine and I have had a great visit and solved most of the world's problems in the course of a couple hours. We'll have a lovely dinner and watch some West Wing.

On that note, my weekend escape will comes to a close. And to that end, I close.



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