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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Thank you NPR for validating my adolescent crush on Usher and making OMG your Song of the Day. PS. might be the best thing to happen to hip hop despite the unnecessarily punctuated name.

To SH, queue this up for the next spontaneous dance party that may or may not happen Friday night.


stephanielynn said...


And PS - It's not really spontaneous if you're planning it in advance.

Miss C said...

I should have said that IF there were to be a spontaneous dance party, it is ADVISABLE to have a little Usher,, BEP, Luda, Lil' Wayne, Lil' John, and Chingy on hand to ensure satisfactory dancing music. And I don't mean that radio edit version crap either.

Lindsay Jane said...

Is Will.He.Is wearying hammer pants or a skirt with tights....weird. Can't wait for Friday.

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