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Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, I’m back.

I’m in a dress, high heels, make up on, hair did, nails did for the first time in 2 weeks…which means only one thing: I’m back at work….And it’s weird.

I can backpack across Japan without a single twinge in my finicky sprained fragile back, but put me in totally slammin' red Steve Madden pumps for 6 hours, I’m toast. That’s weird.

I’ve had 3 American food meals since getting home and my stomach is pissed. P-I-S-S-E-D. That’s weird. Well, really more painful than weird. 

I’ve been up for 21 hours now trying to kick this jet-lag. So far, Jet Lag: 3, Cara: 0. I feel a come back with the caffeine-laced beverage I’m downing. In other news, I’ve also grown unsightly biceps from this backpacking escapade.

One of the partners who I'm pretty sure didn't learn my name until maybe six months ago, gave me a hug today.  That was way weird. 

Didn’t really follow much news while I was away, but apparently we’re still destroying our environment (Thanks BP), what the hell Arizona, and here in Seattle we’re still arguing about light rail and public transportation (Guys, trust me, this train business is brilliant). Weird.


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