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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Question: How do you feed 4 grown men 8 days before the 9/15 deadline?
Answer:  6 doughnuts, a jumbo bag of Starbursts, a jumbo bag of Red Vines,  and a jumbo box of Mike and Ikes. 
That’s how.

But first, let's rewind:

When I first began my unplanned career in public accounting I got into the doors via RAH, the husband of LJBH (mentor, friend, baker extraordinaire, mother of 2 of the cutes kids you’ll ever meet.) I spent my undergraduate career sitting in front of LJBH as her assistant.  On my first day at the Firm, imagine my surprise when my desk was directly in front of the one and only RAH. The ironic coincidence was too funny.  I spent a few months sitting in front of RAH while he spent most of the time mocking how I spelled my name.  He then moved into his fancy-pants office but would still grace me with his presence if only to light my democratic loving heart on fire spouting his republican propaganda. Oh the debates we would have. 

Fast forward four years, I visited RAH at his new offices for RH2, a new Certified Public Accounting firm in Kirkland, Washington. They have launched their new practice from humble beginnings and  when I walked into the office I thought for sure I stepped into the Season 3 Finale of Mad Men.  With 2 desks,  a couple laps tops and a desktop printer, a duo of powerhouse accounts were managing to process and file tax returns, carrying on business as usual.  Fast forward a few weeks, I visited them again to check on progress (and to hopefully lend a helping hand) and sure enough they are churning away.  Now a team of 4 accountants, an office manger and a business support professional, while small in numbers they are mighty in strength.  What once has that of a makeshift office space was coming together resembling that of  a real office space.  

I sat with them for a few minutes while we stuffed envelops, "processed" tax returns and chatted about the business.  Felt like old times (except the fact I really have no idea how to process a tax return despite my 4 years at the firm...oops).

Their success is inevitable as their hard work, dedication and vast knowledge certainly cannot fail them.  Fueled by doughnuts, processed sugar and the well wishes of friends, family and colleagues, there isn't a better group of professionals more deserving and more likely to succeed than this group.   

So RAH, this is for you, all the best wishes for success.  

PS. Can you still help me file my return?  And by help,  I mean do that magic that you do and tell me where to sign?   Cool, thanks. 


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