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Monday, March 28, 2011

Trifecta of Goodness

They say good things come in three.  I think they say the same about bad things but let's not focus on that...
Now the number 3 isn't particularly exciting, not like the numbers 9 and 7 (which 3 is a multiple of 9 so I'll draw the association that far).

However, I am a big fan the word trifecta, the triangle to the strongest sturcture for engineering purposes, and have fond memories of a big wheel tricycle as a child. I do have a 3 o'clock snack every day, own three pairs of sapphire stud earrings and three white coats and three pairs of brown boots. It takes three keys to unlock my computer (Ctrl+Alt+Del), there three life saving words in case of disaster (Stop, Cover, Hold or Stop, Drop and Roll whichever your emergency necessitates.). There are 3 physical deminsions, 3 primary colors and Earth is the third planet from the sun.  So, for all purposes, three seemed like a good number to base a little project on.

The project is precipitated on the idea that we are surrounded by unrecognized beauty that  is otherwise overlooked until we take the time and energy to particpate.  I started this project to capture (and remember) all to goodness I am surrounded by and have in my life.  Things I see, places I go, things I eat, the people I enjoy spending time with.  Through series of 3 photo collages I've begun to see the world in a whole new way.  In a very good way. 

Here's what I've got so far:

1. Spring: Cherry Blossoms
2. Spring: Tulips, Pike Place Market
3. Le Panier, Pike Place Market
(Seattle, WA)

1. Baby Aidan all snuggled
2. Baby Aidan sleeping
3. Father meets Son
(Hachinohe, Japan)

1. Spring at Greenlake
2. Art Installation at Columbia City Light Rail Stop
3. Cupcakes at the Row House
(Seattle, WA)

1. Bottle/Candle/Bottle/Candle (repeat)
2. Serenade
3. Chicken Parm with Hot Italian Sausauge Sauce
(Home, Wallingford, WA)

1. Adele - 21, on repeat repeat repeat repeat
2. Good Bye To All That - Joan Didion, the essay that changed my NY life
3.) Mumford & Sons - Sign No More, on repeat
(Home, Wallingford, WA)

When I feel sad or lonely or discouraged or any other emotion less than enjoyable, I look at these and remember how very blessed I am. Surrounded by so much goodness.  

More trifecta of goodness to come. Stay tuned.


Cupcake said...

can't believe i missed the serenade. BOO.

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