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Monday, May 2, 2011


If you've been around Seattle long enough you know how hard "Spring" can be here.  "Spring" is really just a word we use from the months that come after March be feel just like winter.  So as tradition has it I usually skip town for destinations warmer and drier.

This year I had planned to head to Japan but when that plan was foiled thanks to mother nature's devasting forces, I headed to the land of tortillas, margaritas, white sandy beaches and blazing hot sun: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Here are my observations:

  • When traveling with the BFF we will always be confused as honeymooners. Atleast until we meet our respective spouses.
  • When traveling in any non-nordic country, I will appear as one of the locals and thus be spoken to in a foreign language (very rapidly). 
  • Five years of spanish got me real far but not that far. 
  • The feet are particularly prone to sunburn, heat rash and swelling.
  • Witnessed lots of botched boob-jobs.  Decided I don't ever need one.

Take a look:

The Ruins at Tulum.  Totes cool.

Our tiny Dodge Alto rental car, aka: tin can death trap...sans radio and glove compartment and trunk and leg room. So tiny infact that the stick shift hit both of our knees.

Lunch on the beach at Jose y Ana Beach club, Tulum.

Where we spent our afternoon in Tulum.

The sand was white and powder sugar fine.


BFF took every opportunity to embarass me.  This time in the form of a mariachi band. 
3 times that night.


How BFF poses with her food.  Ready to attack.

Gateway to Ferry Terminal to Cozumel.

BFF as clothed as humanly possible.  I was not so clothed, thus you won't see pictures.

I loved this kid. Thoughts on him later.

Found bliss. This was served on the beach right before the chocolate cake. I'm not even joking.

Pineapple already peeled, cored and cut? In a cup? For $2.  That's when I knew it was heaven.

Sooo....that's gross. Swollen, speckled and sunburnt.

Those Mayan knew what they were doing.

There was a lot of staring into the ocean, thinking, eating, laughing, sitting on the beach, applying sunscreen, sweating without actually moving, sand exfoliating, ocean floating, shopping, and all sort of vacation related activities. 

Can I go back? Now? Please?


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