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Monday, May 2, 2011

That's a Wrap - LA Style

En route home from Mexico I swung by LA to spend some much needed quality time with PB.  It had been too long since we'd seen each other and it was high time we made time to have more ridiculous adventures.  So that's what we did.  Adventures ensued, laughs were had, good food was eaten.  It was the perfect way to wrap up a perfect vacation.

Day 1: The unstoppable Sun

After spending the morning in the gym it took us approximately 2 hours to get ready.  What? It's a lot of work to look this fabulous.  There's hair, make up, costume changes and coordination, accessorizing, walking down stairs in 4 inch wedges....ya know.
(Dress courtesy of PB's collection)

Because it's been so many years since we've hung out we took hundreds, I mean hundreds of pictures of ourselves. But golly, aren't we adorbs?!

Obviously there was fro-yo, obviously there is a whole brownie in there. Obviously this man's pants are the best part of this picture.  We're obviously in WeHo.

Tried every flavor before deciding.  I call it quality control and informed decision making.

Day 1, PM: Without a moment to waste we had lots to accomplish.  We had to pillage PB's closest and get to Huntington Beach in the matter of a few hours. We made record time decision making and organizing.  I won't go into detail about the number of nude colored shoes PB own but let's just say it more than a lot.  With a quick wardrobe change we headed out to Huntington Beach for an evening out on the quiet yet party filled beach town.

After crawling into bed at 3:00 am for the second night, I've never been so happy to see an inflatable mattress.

Day 2: Rise and shine (literally) and headed east towards Palm Springs for party-hopping at Coachella. We hit up 4 parties and melted in the triple digit heat.

I made a new friend. He does this to everyone he meets.

How to feel small: sit in a giant chair


Ping Pong, obviously.

DD looking exasperated after listening to me.  Ha!

Loaded up on Coffee Bean and Headed toward Palm Springs!


Mulberry Pool Party at the Palms, Palm Springs

Armani Brunch, Poolside

Day 3: While we made hopeful plans to get to the gym for spin class, neither of us were too eager to get to the gym that morning.  So we casually took out time to get ready and headed towards Santa Monica for some shopping a grub.  As the afternoon was nearing I knew my vacation was coming to a close.  In a flash of insight I decided to double check my flight time.  Turns out, I was about 2 hours off from my scheduled flight and we had 90 minutes to get to LAX. With the grace of the traffic gods we made it there in plenty of time to unload my 80 lbs of luggage.

And just like that, vacation was over. I boarded the plane with the BFF's stupid cowboy hat, wearing a strapless maxi dress that I vow never to wear while traveling again, and some of the best memories I'll ever hold. 

*Most photos provided by PB as she is a one woman paparazzi show. Also, the initials PB have nothing to do with her name, its just what I call her. Long story for another day.


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