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Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm annoyed by other people's indecisions but when it comes to my own indecisions, I'm paralyzed. 

Let me elaborate:

Right now I am packing for 1.) 13 days in Japan. 2.) Moving to a new apartment

Because I hate packing and moving and am really a quite poor decision maker regarding this stuff, I prolong the inevitable with thoughts like:

"But what if I NEED my cowboy boots in the next 3 days?" Please, c'mon....
"But what if I want to change purses, I need options. Six options obviously."
"Well, I don't really want this; I'll just give it away...wait, do i really not want it"
"Who could use this? I'll just make a pile for them and see if they want it the next time I seem them." The follow-through never actually happens so I just have lots of piles of stuff.
"Ohhh, remember that one time I wore this, I was at that place, we ate that meal, and then he kissed me and the sunst was beautiful,....etc. etc. etc." 5 minutes later walking down memory lane it goes back on the shelf.
"I should wash this before pack it." Nothing I own is so dirty it needs to be washed before packing. Nothing.

At this point I'm hoping for elves to pack up my room. I'm thinking there's a chance.


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