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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picnic in the Park

So I’ve been spending some time with a particular gentleman who I’ve grown quite fond of. At first glance, we are the most unlikely of duo. Maybe at second and third glance even, but regardless, I'm quite enamored. 

I’m not sure I could verbally capture HOW different we are but suffice it to say, we’re different. I’ve become captured by our differences and cherish the relationship we have.

One of the things we do quite often is go for long walk and hang out in local parks. We occasionally bring along some snacks or a loaf of bread that he’s freshly baked and find ourselves a city- or mountain-scape to wonder at and talk about life. It’s just what we do.

Late Saturday night, while tucking myself into bed, I heard my name shouted at my window. Startled (understatement, I’m pretty sure I cursed) I opened the curtain to see CT standing at my window, breathing heavily as if he’d just run 4 miles, uphill. Turns out, he had run 4 miles, uphill. When I asked (exclaimed) what he was doing at my house at 10:30 at night, he said he wanted to ask me if I wanted to go to breakfast in the morning. As I stood in my window, and he outside, I thought to myself 1.) I really should put some clothes on; 2.) Did he just run 4 miles up hill to ask me to breakfast?

He sure did. I agreed. He came inside the house, rehydrated and we then went for a 3 mile walk to a set stairs, watched the stars and passer-byers, talked about life and agree that it was a beautiful Seattle night. Again, it’s what we do.

So, early the next morning, dressed in our Sunday best, we headed for the nearest park with the best view of the city and laid in the sun. We feasted on apple cinnamon oatmeal, organic fruit salad, greek yogurt and imported from Canada granola. I won’t go into the gushy details, but don’t think that I didn’t think for a moment that every morning should start out with sun, someone to love, morsels of delicious goodness and a view of Seattle. Ok, maybe not every day but certainly often.


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