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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


365 days ago today, baby A came into this world after the 9.0 earthquake shook Japan. 

I missed the party this weekend which pained me terribly, but I go for a visit for a month from today and we'll do a redux of the party. Complete with cake.

Here's the party I missed:

He looks skeptical about the cake. Give him time, I will show him the ways.

Still not sure

Thata boy!

And it would be a post about my nephew without some (old and never before seen photos) of the little man.

Remember when:

Welcome! Way to make an entrance!

sometimes you just need a little help from some machines.

Baby and mama

So sleepy....

Him napping on me has got to be one of the most precious and amazing moments. ever. Also maybe one of the most uncomfortable because I was frozen for a good hour.

What?! I'm how old?!

His eyes are saying: Mom thinks its funny when she bundles me in my straight jacket.  I think its funny when I pee all over her.  Its a give and take.

And nap.

Huge props to my sister who has weathered quite the storm with him and has done an amazing job doing so.  That little boy is so lucky to have such a wonderful mother.

Happy birthday baby buttface! 

You are loved, all over this world. 

xo, auntie miss c 


Holly C M said...

"I will show him the ways." AWESOME

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