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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Celebrate with Cake...always

Recently a very lovely and dear co-worker of mine became engaged. Hooray! To celebrate we had a small dinner gathering tonight.  She's super happy and thus we are happy for her.

Equally as exciting, today is my half birthday!  6 months down, 6 months to go to the big 3-0.   

There was cake obviously.

Remember how I made a list of things before I turn 30.  Well, here's the update:

1.) Paid off car - and yet I still pour money into it

5.) Have made 3 new friends, like, real ones

7.) Made a few new recipes:

Sweet potato & Black bean tacos

Mexican rice

Brownie fruit pizza

Mexican Chicken tortilla soup

Chicken & Dumplings

Banana Oatmeal Raisin Muffins

8.) Training for a half-marathon June 2 here in Seattle.  Now at 4 miles a run/day. Also training to the STP July 14-15. Will start getting time in the saddle soon, once the weather clears up, so like….June. 

12.) I'm on track for 1 book a month, but I'm counting The Hunger Games series as 3 books even though I read them in 3 days like a crack addict. In process: The Book Thief, A Prayer for Owen Meany.  Open to suggestions. 

13.) While I'm not meditating I'm inching close to better night's sleep. I now stick to a schedule and allow no electronics in my room.  Its in created a new level of ambiance and depth of sleep that is creeping me closer to meditation.

14.) Crafting:  I started crocheting a cowl.   It won't look like the picture for sure but I'm giving it the good college try. Next project: felted rocks. 

15.) I'm still at 80% flossing every day, could be worse

16.) I make more conscious effort to sleep clutter free and bed made, I would guess….75% of the time.  Now my floor, that's a different story.

17.) 7 down, 23 more to go. 

On a higher level note, I’m doing really well.  Some days I wake up smiling in disbelief of the degree of blessings I have in my life.   I find bliss every day, and maybe its not all day, but at least something that makes my heart happy.  And that's pretty great.  Life is so good folks.


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