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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Excited Times Infinity

BFF:  Are you free to hang next Friday? Should we come into Seattle? Go to a gay bar?

Me: I'm around next Friday and have reserved the evening for hanging out with you two.  I'll actually be up near Kirkland at 6:00ish. I'm getting my hair did so we should go out on the town.

BFF: I love that you're getting your hair done to hang with the tranny BFF and her bi-sexual gf. Don't let anyone tell you that you're not open minded.

BFF is here in a week and we’re hanging out in gay bars.  Just like old times. 

Last time we hung out at a gay bar it was in NYC at the famous Stonewall Inn (made famous by the Stonewall Riots) and it was drag night. The best drag queen, with legs any man would want and any woman would envy, stole the show with a set of pipes that would knock your heels off and the shortest blue sequin "dress" that you'll ever see.

Maybe I have a really dark (also sideways) video of it.

Excited times infinity. The possibilities are endless.


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