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Monday, May 14, 2012


Who had an awesome weekend?!?!
Me. That’s who.  Hope you did, too.

Friday: Rosie Thomas show who makes you believe in love again. She’s so cray.  And amazing. I wish everyone could have heard her, tucked her away in your pocket and carried her with you throughout your day. 

Saturday was action packed with goodness.  The sun was out in its full glory, so magnificent that almost makes you forget the last 8 months of grey and drear.

I headed north for a 30 mile ride.  I always forget how much I love to ride until I’m out there.  The biker tan line is back and I love it.  The trail was minimally busy and the nods and knowing smiles from other bikers only further boost your go.  Must learn to ride with mouth closed.

Drove Big Red through the car wash and then promptly drove myself straight through the DQ for an ice cream cone.  At this point I thought this why way America is chubby and AWESOME.

Spent time with the folks and did more detail cleaning of the car.  A clean car is a happy driver.

By the time I got home I was the best kind of exhausted. 

Sunday, morning walk and Gasworks park hill lounging with a dear friend.  Then home for make lunch for the moms. While mom napped I laid in the sun like a splattered egg.  So friggin happy.  Full, warm and tan. I said thanks to mom for the olive skin and lack of gray hair and being all around a good person. 

Guys, let’s have more weekends like this!


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