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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 1

Day 1 of our annual meeting is done. I'm having a hard time walking (and not to sound like I'm 76 or anything) but I've loaded up on advil so I should be set for the swelling in my knees and ankles to go down.  Totes hot.

I've spent the day with almost 300 of my closest scientist friends talking about antibodies, antigens, replicating vectors, viruses, proteins, DNA and other such fancy things. I smile and nod mostly and laugh when social queues deem appropriate.

Our evening event was the show-stealer (for me).  And I'd like to redact any of previous statements along the lines of "I bet that new Chihuly exhibit is totally overated."  Mark this day in history: I was wrong.

For our evening event we rented out the new Chihuly Garden and Glass space. It was nothing short of amazing. You've gotta see it, especially at night.  Wow, just wow.

No really, go see it. Don't be wrong like me.

Tomorrow night we are hosting a private concert at The Triple you do.  Stay tuned.


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