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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Aside from working most of the weekend, I found some quiet time to savor some tiny blessings.

Lincoln Park early morning Sunday stroll, I spied:

There isn't a more amazing place to live than here.  There just isn't.  

And because I emotionally ate/devoured all my leftover mashed taters and pumpkin pie, the only thxgiving leftovers I had was turkey.  I because I was so over emotionally eating I made (from scratch) butternut squash soup and an accompanied toasted pear and turkey sandwich.

All dairy and gluten free so my stomach didn't let a gorilla out in my innards.  It tasted amazing and felt even better.  Three cheers for good and tasty decisions!

Welp....back at it tomorrow.

Be good to yourself.  Be kind to another.  Count blessings.


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