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Friday, November 23, 2012

What's the What

This is the time of year where my world implodes on itself. My social life deteriorates. I work 70 hours a week. I run on fumes and fuel on chocolate.  But there is always and end in sight and it's creeping up.  On top of all that, here's what's the what.

Pops turned 60 - I helped him eat his dessert like the good daughter I am. 

Moms turned 61 - I ate her dessert, too.

House-sitting machine:  There was a week where I stayed at 4 houses in 6 days.  At one point when I emptied out my car I found 2 halloween costumes, a cocktail dress, a week's worth of business casual, six coats with a matching scarves, and enough shoes for any terrain or occasion.  I'm now mostly settled in West Seattle until January but swing by my place occasionally to make sure it's still standing. While here I'm taking care of the house.  Doing house-like responsibilities.   Like raking leaves.  It's my  favorite exercise in futility. 

About the only thing keeping me sane right now is my exercise regimen.  I'm training for a half marathon which means I spend copious amounts of time of running and going to boot camp. If it's cold, I go. If it's torrential down pour, I go. If it's sun shining and beautiful, I go.  Moral of the story is: I go.  My lungs and heart are usually on the verge of exploding from my chest and my arms are about to fall off because they hurt so bad but going keeps me sane. 

Eric Church/Justin Moore - On a regular Tuesday night I went to a sold out show at Comcast Arena that was maybe one of the best shows of my life.  You'd probably say the same if you loved country music.  A girlfriend had an extra ticket to the Eric Church show and I jumped at the chance.  I loved it.  There were real cowboys and country folks and then there were the city cowboy country folk.  The former wear cut off shirts, trucker hats, carharts or ratty jeans with a Skol ring.  Then there are city country folk who wear studded designer jeans, plaid button downs, ornamental cowboy hats and polished boots.  But they all drink shitty beer, shamelessly love country music and know every lyric to every song and belt it out like we are all in one big karaoke bar.  It was incredible. 

My Christmas gift to myself is a non-leaking car, re-aligned sunroof, new rear brakes and rotors and an 80k mile car service.  Merry frickin' Christmas.

Oh, and I got a new job!  Like a real grown up job. Same place, same team.  More details later, like when I'm not drowning doing my current job. But it's all real good.

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and when it's shining down on me, I'll be back in full force to wrap up the years with more regular and delightful posts from yours truly.


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