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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hot Spicy & Spooky

It's no secret that I find Halloween the most loathsome day of year.

But because I'm turning over all sorts of new leaves, I dove into the Halloween spirit......thrice times. Thrice times more than I expected to.  Jules had a birthday so that helped.  I got a prize.

The first: Mad Scientist.  Halloween is a big deal at work.  Work stops, kids come, big party in the atrium, themed departments go all out for decorations, it's quite the to-do.  This year our team were mad scientists in which I looked more like a sexy librarian with glasses, button down, loosened tie and tussled hair.  Until I put on a full haz mat suit (complete with booties) and became something along the lines of the ghost busters blob.  No photos available but the party was a hoot!

The second: Tabasco sauce - hot spicy and everything nice.

I crafted my own hat to round out my tabasco sauce costume. It was my favorite.

Then there was actual Halloween night which was a game time decision.  I ran 4 miles which kicked my energy into high gear and pulled together a last minute costume and hit the town.  The skeleton was a costume, those dark circles under my ears were for realsies.  

The highlight of the holiday was the card the nephew sent me.  He's becoming quite the artist. 

I'm thinking turning over new leaves, as hard as it is, is just what I need in my life.  Maybe next time just less costumes involved.


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