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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Countdown: 5 Days - That Moment

So this has all been happening:

That awkward moment when you have to write on a white board in a room full of colleagues in a dress that is just shy of work appropriate but you'd thought you'd risk it anyway...bad day to take that risk.

That awkward moment when your boss tries to help you "mingle" with your work crush(es) and you manage for about 15 minutes before you "have to go and keep working".  Because being an awkward introvert is really what all the men love....sigh.

That fascinating moment when you get home and discover a collection of bras at the base of the couch because all you can do at the end of the days when you're so sick is fall over and simultaneously remove clothing.

That unfortunate moment when you look in your fridge and notice that the broccoli you bought 2 weeks ago looks rather inedible so you opt for frozen waffles toasted topped with peanut butter for the third day in a row....because at least it's protein.....yeah adulthood?

That terrible moment when you run out of lotioned kleenex and have to settle for sandpaper-like toilet paper in a runny nose head cold situation. My first world sensitive skin is about to have a rough (pun intended) night.

Take off in 5 days.  I might make it.....maybe.  50/50 chance.


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